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Grid is an Xenomorph that appeared in Alien vs Predator as the secondary antagonist. He, along with his siblings, is loyal to the Xenomorph Queen.

He is believed by some to be an Xenomorph Drone, but is sometimes said to be a smooth-domed Xenomorph Warrior.

Three Predators named Celtic, Chopper and Scar came to hunt the Queen, as Predators do every 100 years.

Celtic and Chopper were too busy fighting humans to notice Grid behind them. Grid impaled Chopper and killed him with a head bite. Celtic turned around, and charged at Grid. Grid jumped on them and they fought to the death. During the battle Celtic cut off the tip of Grid's tail and trapped him in a net, which tightened around him, giving him grid-like scars on his head and shoulders.

Eventually Grid was able to pin Celtic to the ground and kill him by biting into his skull.

Later he attacked Sebastian De Rosa and took him away to be impregnated with an Xenomorph embryo.

He then stalked Scar, who was going to take his weapon from Alexa Woods. Grid and his Xenomorph siblings were spotted by Scar, who started shooting at them. The Queen called for the Grid and the others, who came and freed her from the chains that bound her. He chased Alexa and Scar, but Scar blew up the pyramid they were in, killing Grid and his siblings, while Sar and Alexa got out. But the Queen escaped and killed Scar, before she fell into the ocean.

There is a skin for Grid in the Alien vs Predator videogame. But in this case, he is called Nethead. The skin can be unlocked when players reach rank 34.