While you royals were lounging about ignoring your own kingdom, I was becoming a VERY RICH MAN! You people turned Zofia into a place where only the strong survive. Hell, now it's the spitting image of Rigel itself, doncha think?
~ Grieth
Oh, Yer Highness... My kingdom may fall today...but I'm gonna DRAG YOU ALL TO HELL WITH ME!
~ Greith before fighting Celica's army.

Grieth (ギース, Geese) is the leader of the Grieth Pirates and a major antagonist in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. During the reign of King Lima IV, he and his men established command of the Zofia's western desert and ocean.


In Fire Emblem Gaiden , Grieth is a pale-skinned, clean shaven man who wears an eyepatch, green hat, and green cape over a white shirt and pants. In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Grieth now has darker skin and a beard, as well as green armor over his shirt.


Grieth is an opportunistic individual who will switch sides based on who provides him greater rewards, showcased by his ease changing his alliance from Chancellor Desaix to the Rigelian Empire. Greith is fearless, but impatient, easily upset, and prone to shouting. He demonstrates these negative traits when angrily demanding that a brigand state obvious bad news after the latter arrives to report that Celica's party killed Wolff. When either Deen or Sonya betrays him after the other is killed, he furiously confronts Celica's group himself.

Curiously, Grieth does not belittle the strength of his men upon their defeats; he immediately assumed that Wolff and his men were taken down by the powerful Deliverance and upon hearing that it was a "ragtag group of kid mages and a mercenary" who did the deed, he demanded info on the group. He is also not overconfident in his own victory despite his considerable power, aware of the fact that it could all vanish. Ultimately, he is still a defiant individual as he swears to drag Celica's army down with him after realizing his defeat is probable, and does not lose this edge even when fatally wounded, claiming that another person like him would always be around as he dies.


Prior to the War of the Deliverance, Grieth rose to the ranks of Pirate King in Zofia, mainly due to the negligence of its ruler, King Lima IV. He built a citadel in Zofia's western desert, and quickly expanded his territory to the country's western ocean. Around the same time, Desaix ingratiated himself with Lima IV while plotting to overthrow the king. One such plan was to assassinate Lima IV's heirs in the Royal Villa, which was mostly successful, but two children, Princess Anthiese and Prince Conrad, survived. When war broke out between Rigel and Zofia, Desaix would become Chancellor after making a deal with the Rigelian Army, and completed his coup with the killing of Lima IV. However, he soon became aware of Anthiese's survival and made a deal with Grieth to have the Princess brought to him.

During Desaix's rise, Griefth became a slaver, ordering his men to abduct the people of nearby villages. Such captives included siblings of a man named Atlas, a cleric of Zofia's patron god Mila, and Est of the Macedonian Whitewings. Anthiese, now calling herself Celica and on a journey to find the missing Mila, encountered Atlas and Est's sisters Palla and Catria. After learning about the plight of their relatives, Celica agreed to help free them from Grieth's Citadel; together they stormed the Grieth Pirate's western fort and slew it's commander, Wolff. Upon being informed of Wolff's defeat, Greith ordered his underlings Deen and Sonya, to guard the Northern and Southern desert fortress, respectively. He also plotted to deliver Celica to Rigel, as Desaix lost power after being defeated by the Deliverance, and Rigel's Duma Faithful wished to deliver the Princess to Duma himself.

After Celica's party dispatches either Deen or Sonya, the surviving commander defects to her side. Furious, Grieth confronts Celica himself with the pirates that remain. Despite their best efforts, Celica's party saves Grieth, freeing his captives from the citadel, ending Deen's or Sonya's service to him, and ultimately bringing an end to his reign as the Zofian Pirate King.


You didn't... win nothin'... There's gonna be... another me... There's always... another... me...
~ Grieth's last words.



  • Grieth shares his Japanese name with Geese, a more heroic pirate from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

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