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The Griffin-Pewterschmidt Family, also known as the Griffins or the Pewterschmidts are the morally-ambiguous villain-protagonists of the adult animated TV series Family Guy.


While family members showed few villainous traits in early seasons the show changed into a dark comedy in later seasons and it became very evident all members could cause problems and go beyond simple nastiness or ignorance; any redeeming qualities seem to have all but vanished as most characters on the show devolved morally, mentally and psychologically. They proved to be dysfunctional (even more so than the likes of similar families) and have murdered or caused the deaths of people among other things. The only member to be relatively good is Chris; while Meg, Brian, Stewie, Peter and Lois Griffin and Carter Pewterschmidt are still considerably bad people and sometimes antiheroes or antivillains.




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