The Dwarves are for the Dwarves!
~ Griffle's motto

Griffle is a supporting antagonist in The Last Battle, the final book in The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. He is the leader of the dwarves who refuse to acknowledge the existence of Aslan, and even fight against the heroic Narnian loyalists during the Battle of Stable Hill.


Griffle is a Black Dwarf, one of the two ethnicities of Dwarf in Narnia (other than Red Dwarves). As a Black Dwarf, he is generally more sullen than Red Dwarves but like all dwarves is an excellent smith, miner and archer.

During the conquest of Narnia by Rishda the Tarkaan, Griffle is one of the many Narnians taken in by the "Tashlan" ruse that Shift and Ginger perpetuate: that the Narnian god Aslan and the Calormene god Tash are in fact the same being.

Having been sold into slavery by Shift, Griffle is one of thirty dwarves rescued from the salt mines by King Tirian and informed of how they have been deceived (Tashlan being a donkey in a lion's skin). He immediately declares that "the Dwarves are for the Dwarves" and that they will not follow anyone but themselves, claiming that neither Aslan nor Tash are real.

During the Battle of Stable Hill, Griffle and his dwarves show their true villainous colours when they use their natural proficiency in archery to indiscrimately shoot people participating in the battle. This includes not only Carlormenes but also Narnians attempting to defend their land. They also ruthlessly kill the Talking Horses after seeing them trying to rescue the captive Narnians.

When the world of Narnia is destroyed by Aslan, who allows all the inhabitants the choice to join him in Aslan's Country, Griffle and his dwarves become deluded due to their stubborn refusal to believe in Aslan. They believe themselves to be trapped in a stable, unable to leave. Aslan says that not even he can help them, and they presumably end up in Tash's Country, the equivalent for Hell in The Chronicles of Narnia series.


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