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The Warden's second in command and main muscle. He gets brought in for the difficult jobs.
~ Grigori's bio.
You wait here until cell found.
~ Grigori's first heard words in Fleeing the Complex.
You are coming with us.
~ Grigori's only words in Completing the Mission.

Grigori Olyat is a supporting antagonist in the Henry Stickmin video-game series. He is the secondary antagonist of Fleeing the Complex and a minor antagonist in Completing the Mission.

Grigori is a member of The Wall, a prison complex that keeps locked some of the most cunning criminals out there. Grigori is one of the enemies Henry Stickmin encounters in some routes of the game. He serves as the right-hand man to his boss, Dmitri Petrov.


Grigori bears the appearance of an adult, most likely older than Henry given his gray beard and mustache. However, it is also possible he could be younger than Dmitri (mostly because of him being around his 50-60). He also wears blue shoes.


Grigori is always serious, no matter what. He also seems to be very skilled, as he's getting brought in for the difficult jobs. Grigori stays loyal to Dmitri no matter what, being the only person that goes to the top of the Toppat Clan's rocket with him. Grigori is hard to anger, as in Completing the Mission, he's calm, compared to the visibly mad Dmitri, despite the fact that Grigori is more injured. Grigori is also very loyal to The Wall as a whole.



In the trailer for Fleeing the Complex, it is shown that Grigori is the one who proposed capturing Henry into the Wall.

Fleeing the Complex

Grigori first appears in the intro, taking Henry to a room and telling him to wait until a cell is found.


Convict Allies

Henry decides to help Ellie Rose escape the complex, with Grigori being shown scratching his nose while the twp escape through a vent. The two later open all the cells in the complex and start a prison riot (although on accident). In the penultimate choice, Henry and Ellie make it on the surface, and during the riot, Grigori kidnaps Ellie, trying to take her back to her cell. Henry makes a funny face that Grigori interprets as Henry making fun of him. This distracts Grigori enough for a stolen jeep to suddenly run over him.

Presumed Dead

Henry charges at Grigori from behind, knocking him out as he hits the wall. He's not seen again for the rest of the route.

Completing the Mission

Grigori appears only in one route, that being the combination of Pure-Blooded Thief and Convict Allies, showing that he did survive getting hit by a jeep.

He is not seen until Henry and Ellie reach Reginald Copperbottom and his own Right Hand Man. Dmitri and Grigori appear behind Henry and Ellie with guns, demanding them to return with the two Russians back into The Wall. Suddenly, Charles Calvin, a Government member who Henry encountered in the past, fires a missile from his helicopter into the wall, and asks Henry for help. The player has to make a choice between the Toppats, the Government, the Wall and no one. There are two endings:

Toppat Recruits

The Toppat Clan: Asking for help, Reginald and the Right Hand Man give Henry and Ellie machine guns, which they use to gun down Dmitri and Grigori. Dmitri does survive getting shot (although dies shortly after), but Grigori himself dies.

Pardoned Pals

The Government: Henry and Ellie jump onto Charles' helicopter and together, the three proceed to make the Toppat Orbital Station fall down, destroying it and killing everyone in it, including Dmitri and Grigori.


(Grigori catches Ellie)

Ellie: Henry! Help!
Grigori: Back to your cell, inmate.
(Henry makes a funny face. Short silence occurs)
Grigori: What, you think that will upset me? Oh, very immatu- (gets hit by a army car)

~ Grigori's last words in the Convict Allies route of Fleeing the Complex.
Have a good time.
~ Grigori in The Betrayed and International Rescue Operative





  • Grigori serves a similar role in the game like the Right Hand Man from Infiltrating the Airship. However, Grigori doesn't do much compared to him.
  • In Completing the Mission, it is possible that Grigori and Dmitri are still chasing after Henry and Ellie in all the other routes that involve the Convict Allies ending. They just couldn't find them.
  • The trailer for Fleeing the Complex reveals that Grigori was the one who proposed capturing Henry to Dmitri.
  • Grigori and Dmitri both have Russian accents. However, Grigori has an thicker accent than Dmitri.
  • Many fans believed that Grigori died after getting hit by a truck during the Convict Allies route, until Completing the Mission came out and revealed he's alive.