General Grillo

General Grillo

Welcome to the other side.
~ General Grillo

Grillo, also liked to be called himself General Grillo, is one of the antagonists of the 1997 Chinese-American fantasy film Warriors of Virtue.

He was portrayed by the late Tom Towles.


Long ago, Grillo is a human native of the magical Land of Tao who was a childhood friends of the 5 Rooz who are the Warriors of Virtue. He later serves the evil sorcerer Lord Komodo as a general to his army. He betrayed his former friends and the rest of Tao as he joins with Komodo's cohorts named Barbarocious, Dullard and Mantose, in mining all the magic realm's Life Springs and extracting Tao's precious resource, a special mineral called Zubrium which extend any living creature's lifespan for a very long time.

Later, the news of recently arrived newcomer who was the young Ryan Jeffers traveled to Komodo's palace along with the recovered Manuscript of Legend, a magical ancient book Grillo reconignized when he saw the the symbol of the Land of Tao on its front cover. Komodo ordered General Grillo and his lieutinants to capture Ryan alive.

After Komodo's demise, Grillo and his 2 lieutenants Dullard and Mantose along with the rest of the Dragoon Army returned to the invaded home village of the Rooz to see that only the Warriors of Virtue emerged victorious and offered them a chance to join them in peace now the war is over. Suddenly a humble and good version of Komodo in the form of a homeless man came, wandering around, searching for a way to find home. The Warriors gave him a home in their village. Then suddenly, all the Life Springs in all of Tao became fully restored and the rest of the Dragoon army including General Grillo and his 2 lieutinants, rejected their evil ways and released the prisoners.

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