The Grim Guardianess is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It is the boss of the world Kingdom of Corona, and Mother Gothel's Heartless.


The Grim Guardianess is an Emblem Heartless that resembles a giant tree. Its face is light brown and made out of wood, and like most Heartless, it has solid yellow eyes and a jagged mouth. It has four dark green arms and purple hands with black fingers with purple fingertips that extend out of its "mane", which is made out of green leaves. Its bottom resembles a tree stump and has green markings at the tip, and its Heartless emblem is located on its forehead.


  • Scratch: Attacks the party by whacking them with its arms.
  • Pollen: Slams its head onto the ground, damaging the party and releasing pollen that induces the Sneeze status effect.
  • Rush: Turns its hands into propellers and dive-bombs the party.
  • Dark Bird: Spits out a murder of sparrows that will rush at the party and damage them.
  • Call Bomb: While coiled around Rapunzel's tower, it traps the party in a wooden cage and rains down exploding cherries on them.
  • Ivy Restraint: Creates flower posts that will restrain the party with a vine if they get close.
  • Pull Attack: If all three party members are caught in Ivy Restraint, they will be trapped inside the flowers and Grim Guardianess will pluck them out of the ground and then throw them to the ground, dealing heavy damage to the party.


When Mother Gothel dies after having stabbed Flynn Rider like she does in Tangled, Marluxia appears outside the tower and says that Mother Gothel can no longer be allowed to be around Rapunzel, as she has fallen to darkness and is thus a danger to the Princess of Heart. He proceeds to turn Mother Gothel's lingering darkness into the Grim Guardianess, which immediately attacks Sora, Donald, and Goofy, but they manage to defeat it.


  • The Grim Guardianess' name refers to how its human self, Mother Gothel, acted as Rapunzel's "caretaker" while keeping her trapped in the tower, as well as her generally grim personality. Similarly, its Japanese name refers to her wrathful nature and her role as Rapunzel's surrogate mother.


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