~ The Grim Reaper ordering Mickey Mouse to play the piano for it and its skeletons.

The Grim Reaper (unofficial) (also known as Death) is the overarching antagonist of the 1929 Mickey Mouse Silly Symphonies short The Haunted House. It is the leader of the skeletons.

He was voiced by the late entrepreneur Walt Disney.


The short features Mickey Mouse wandering into a haunted house, where he is confronted and scared by skeletons. Eventually he is cornered by the Grim Reaper, who orders him to play the piano to entertain it and it's underlings. Mickey initially refuses claiming he cannot play, but the Grim Reaper begins getting hostile and more intimidating, eventually causing Mickey to cave and begin to play the piano. After a few disjointed notes, the Reaper grabs his arms and forces them up and down to a rhythm, showing him what tune to play.

As Mickey plays, the Reaper and the skeletons begin dancing to his tune, with the Reaper lifting up its cloak to reveal its skeletal feet clicking heels and jumping around to the tune. Eventually, Mickey ends the song and tries to escape, angering the Reaper and the skeletons. Mickey flees into more rooms with skeletons, but eventually escapes out a window and flees the house forever.


The Grim Reaper is very aggressive and demanding, and forces captured visitors to the haunted house to be used for the entertainment of it and its skeleton minions. When it is given the chance, it embraces the playful but mischievous nature of its underlings by joining in dances and celebrations.





  • Though the Grim Reaper speaks in a male voice, Mickey is so scared that he calls the Reaper "Ma'am".


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