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Gravy! My only weakness. How did you know?
~ Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper is the main antagonist of Eddsworld episode Christmas Visitor. He is a typical Grim Reaper, but politer, because he always rings before entering the house and killing the person inside. He is voiced by Tord Larsson.



On Christmas Day, Edd is sitting alone in his living room when he suddenly hears the doorbell. He looks through the peep hole and sees a mysterious shape that looks similar to Santa Claws. He enters the door and drops his glass of milk in surprise when he sees Grim Reaper instead. Pale Edd slams door and runs to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Grim Reaper punches through the door and opens it. He then glides through the living room, turning the Christmas Tree black. He finally enters the kitchen where scared Edd is hiding. Edd starts throwing different things at Grim reaper, including chicken and Christmas pudding, but it doesn't stop him. Grim Reaper stops right in front of Edd who throws a bowl of gravy at him as his last resort. To Edd's surprise, gravy is the only weakness of Grim Reaper. He opens up a hole to the underworld and descends. Edd stares at it when the hole opens again and Grim Reaper's arm pops out, stealing Edd's turkey and then going back in. Shocked Edd keeps staring.


  • He is one of those Eddsworld characters who appears with five fingers, because many of them has no more than four.
  • It seems he lives in Hell.


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