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Grimer Wormtongue, better known by his first name Grimer, is the secondary antagonist of the now-discontinued British comic series Sonic the Comic published by Fleetway Editions.

He was the right-hand and chief scientist of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, being the main technical genius in his organization aswell as his lab assistant. He remained loyal to Robotnik for nearly all of the comic series, but resigned near the end.



Not much is known about Grimer's past, but he joined Robotnik sometime during the takeover, becoming the chief scientist. He is implied to have hated Sonic before even knowing Robotnik, as he would have built all his own robots even without Robotnik's existance. He is also known to have a jealous cousin named Slimy, who wishes to replace Grimer as Robotnik's chief scientist.

Sonic the Comic

In Sonic the Comic, Grimer first appears in Issue #21, and more prominently in Issue #22. While Robotnik is still inside his egg, Grimer greets Sonic and Johnny Lightfoot, who are trapped within a plastic ball. Grimer is then about to trap Amy Rose in a Badnik, and Robotnik hatches in the middle with his new body, aiding Grimer. Grimer then breaks a Badnik that attempted to shoot Sonic, which enrages Robotnik, who then proceeds to scold Grimer for it.

Grimer then appears in almost every every issue afterwards, acting as the sidekick to Robotnik, aswell as Sonic's second arch-nemesis. He has been put in several situations where he could become an independant villain to Robotnik, but has never taken the opportunity, always finding a way to bring back Robotnik each time.

During Robotnik's depressive phase, Grimer tried desperately to cheer up his master, and unleashed Chaos, who was meant to follow orders and destroy Sonic aswell as the entirety of Mobius, but got too out of control. Once Chaos was defeated, Robotnik's mood became even worse, which caused Grimer to finally snap, and leave Robotnik.

With Grimer retired and Robotnik suicidal, the two villains were finally defeated, and the comic ended shortly after.

Sonic the Comic Online

In the unofficially-official continuation of the comic, Grimer went into hiding after Robotnik's descent into madness. Despite resigning, Grimer felt a need to serve his former master. Grimer decided to build a robotic copy of Robotnik, that would gloat about his inevitable return to power and the death of Sonic. Grimer was secretly planning his revenge to Sonic during this time. He was monitoring the activities of the Syndicate and tipped off The Family about their plot to destroy the Special Zone. At the same time, he anonymously made contact with Percival James Kane and fed him information that he could use to slander Sonic on the news.

Finally, he created the Neo Metallix, a Metallix that was capable of shapeshifting, which he used to make it look like Sonic was committing terrible crimes. Sonic was now a wanted criminal in Mobius. Grimer did not reveal himself until Sonic defeated the Neo Metallix, revealing that this was his revenge for breaking Robotnik, and told Sonic that the only way he could escape was flee Mobius forever, which Sonic did, and thus Grimer's revenge was complete.


Grimer is just as wicked as Robotnik, with a total disregard for human life and an aptitude for science. He is obedient to his master, and has been met with the opportunity of ditching Robotnik and becoming his own independent villain multiple times, but chooses to remain with Robotnik no matter what.


Grimer's species is unknown, but he appears as a sickly-green, goblin-like creature, dressed in a long white scientist's coat. He wears a pink tuxedo underneath and a large purple bowtie. He has dark green hair and red eyes, and two metal oxygen tanks on his back for unknown purposes.

Powers and Abilities

Grimer is weak and fragile, having no physical strength or powers, but he does have a genius intellect and mostly relies on robots and tech for offense, preferring to not fight by himself.


  • Grimer is based on Grima Wormtongue, a villain in the late J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
  • Grimer also has a cousin called Slimy, who is also an inventor. Slimy is exceedingly jealous of Grimer, who is apparently the "golden boy" of their family.
  • Grimer's species is unknown, but writer Nigel Kitching figures that Grimer is some sort of reptile.
  • Instead of Grimer, Snively was originally going to be Robotnik's assistant, as writer Nigel Kitching thought that he had to use Snively, but he eventually found it it was the exact opposite, and that he couldn't as Fleetway did not have the rights to the character. Kitching then created Grimer instead.


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