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Grimlock (Sword Art Online).png

Grimlock is an antagonist in Sword Art Online. He is one of the ten thousand players who were trapped in Sword Art Online and a former member of the guild Golden Apple.

He was voiced by Ken Narita in Japanese and Matthew Mercer in English.


Grimlock wears dark clothing and a hat. He also wears glasses. He is relatively tall and his dark clothing gives off an aura of mysteriousness. Grimlock has short hair with long bangs.


Grimlock had apparently loved his wife, Griselda, greatly. However, unlike Grimlock who was constantly scared of death, Griselda did not fear death as she played Sword Art Online and was notably more lively living in the game than she was in real life. Grimlock apparently felt that Griselda had loved the game more than her husband and, in possibly desperation due to the fear of death, he killed Griselda as he believed she no longers resemble the wife he loved in real life.


Sometime in the past before the events of Sword Art Online occurred, Grimlock married Griselda, being happy together for a while. However, rimlock later killed Griselda because he did not like the change in her personality. At first he didn't want to aid Caynz and Yolko in their plans to catch Griselda's killer by forging them weapons to use in the in-AREA murders, but eventually he did, but not with good intentions. He helped so he could have Caynz, Yolko and Schmitt together and get them killed with the help of the infamous red guild, Laughing Coffin. However, the plan failed, because Kirito realized the truth of Griselda's death in time, and came to rescue Caynz, Yolko, and Schmitt. Grimlock is then caught by Asuna.

It is unknown to what happened to him in the remaining time of Sword Art Online', but in the end, he was among the remaining 6,147 survivors of SAO.


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