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Grimlocks are white-fleshed demons that dwell within the sewer system, mainly storm drains, and feed on the positive energy surrounding good individuals, this positive soul energy is known as an Aura. They appeared in the TV series Charmed.

The Grimlocks

Grimlocks steal the eyesight of children enabling them to see the aura that surrounds a good person and choke them with it. The eyesight fades within 24 hours and can only be used if the child is alive, after those 24 hours, the Grimlocks consume the child.

Grimlocks are vulnerable to a vanquishing potion made out of shisandra root and also molecular combustion as shown when Piper blows one up in Soul Survivor to make a point after he tries to buy her and her sisters at auction. Contents [show]Vanquishing Potion RecipeEditTo vanquish a Grimlock, blind it with a potion made of Shisandra root and thyme, and they may also be vanquished by individual witch powers such as molecular combustion if the witch they face is strong enough. ("Out of Sight")AppendicesEdit(Book of Shadows text:) The entry in the Book of Shadows.GrimlocksEditare white demonswith whirling red eyes,Underground Demons who roamfrom city to city killing powerful forces of Goodby seeing the unique Auras that surroundthem, which they are able to do by stealingthe sight of innocent children.'The stolen eyesight will last twenty-fourhours, but only if the children are alive.After the children's use has waned,the Grimlocks consume them.To Destroy a Grimlock:Gather a Shisandra Rooton a Wednesday of a waxing moon.Lighting an Orange or Gold candle,Create an infusion by slowly boiling the rootin a Ritual Vessel.Throw the Infusion into the Grimlock's EyesAll will melt away to What it Was.NotesEdit An uncompleted version of the Grimlock entry next to The Truth Spell.In season 7, it is revealed female Grimlocks lay eggs.The Grimlocks seen in season 3 are supposed to be the same ones as the Grimlocks of season 1.The first two Grimlocks the sisters fought were named Janor and Kava. Their names were unknown until they returned in season 3.Michael Bailey Smith portrays 2 Grimlocks in the series. The first is Janor, the second was an unnamed Grimlock in the season 4 episode Bite Me.A Grimlock tries to buy all of the sisters at Zahn's Demonic Auction. Piper however tells him "sold... to the dead Grimlock" before blowing him up.Grimlocks were the first demons on the series to be vanquished with a potion.Sometimes a Grimlock will not only feed on the soul energy of a victim, but they will consume them also as the Book of Shadows entry states. In the case of Brent Miller, only his eyesight was stolen and he survived the attack.Destroying the Grimlock who stole the eyesight of the victim will restore it, as in the case with Brent Miller.

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