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Grinam Soldiers are the grunts of Vyram and antagonists in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

They are created from Grinam seeds and are used by the Vyram nobles to attack worlds. Their primary weapons are ax-like tools, though they are also capable of firing explosive shells. They appear to have low intelligence, though some are capable of speaking.


During their initial attack on Earth, Grinam Soldiers were sent down by the Vyram to attack Raita's potato farm as Ryu, Aya and Kaori were trying to persuade him to join the Jetmen, leading Ryu to transform into Red Hawk to fight them off. Grinam Soldiers were later used to back up the Dimensional Bug Mother in its battle against the newly-assembled Vyram. All of them were defeated by the Jetmen before they went on to fight the Bug Mother themselves.


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