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Grinnade is a minor antagonist in Skylanders: Trap Team. A trap of the Fire element is required to capture him.


Grinnade has the personality of a walking bomb. Being one of the only characters not to speak, the personality of a walking bomb in Skylanders is unknown. It is likely that he does not even have a personality.


Grinnade's noticeable appearance has 2 red eyes, 2 feet, and vicious teeth. He has a gear on his back that is used to wind himself up.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Grinnade is founded in a troll weapons lab.

He first appears where he encounters the Skylanders in the lab, where he tries to blow up the Skylanders (presumably to kill them).

After he is defeated, Grinnade gets trapped by the Skylanders Trap Masters and sucked in the vortex.

Skylanders Battlecast

Grinnade once again attacks the Skylanders attempting to stop and prevent them from reaching Chef Pepper Jack at the Fire Realm.

Powers and Abilities

Being a walking bomb, Grinnade has the ability to blow himself up. He is also able to summon smaller Grinnades to attack for him. Besides blowing up, his huge sharp metal teeth can chomp enemies possibly more efficiently than even Chompies. However, he never does this in the game. By winding up, Grinnade can quickly dash into opponents similarly to how some video game characters can perform a dash attack after holding a stance for any amount of time, or charging.


  • Grinnade's name is a play on the word "grenade", which is also an explosive weapon.
    • Despite being named after the word "grenade", he is a bomb, not a grenade.
  • Grinnade is one of the trappable villains to not speak (the others are Sheep Creep, Buzzer Beak, Chompy, and Bone Chompy).
  • Though never shown with his mouth open, the winding grind card in Skylanders Battlecast shows that he's able to open it and bite foes.


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