Gris is the son of Jim and the secondary antagonist of the 2012 film Inbred.

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Gris first appears behind Sam at the Dirty Hole Pub. He quickly takes a liking to her, which frightens her. Although he follows her into the pub, Jim quickly sends him away, saying that he wouldn’t have hurt her. This statement later rings false, as Gris, Greg and Rats later attack Tim and Sam. Although Jeff and Kate rescue them, Jeff becomes injured.

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After Jeff is killed, Jim tells Gris to chop up Jeff’s body and feed him to the pigs, and spread the word about the show. Gris takes part in the show and kills Zeb, and goes after Kate, Tim and Sam after they escape. Although he shoots at their van multiple times, Kate quickly drives on whilst he is reloading, and he is run over. Later in the film, Podge notices his body and tells Jim about it. Jim is evidently very upset about this, claiming that he ‘could be a right little shit now and then but deep down, he were a good lad’.

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