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Grizzle is the main antagonist of the CGI Care Bears franchise, taking over from previous archenemies such as No-Heart. He is one of the first villains who is suggested to be a Care Bear himself - if this is true he is possibly one of the first (and perhaps only) Care Bears to turn evil by choice.

He was voiced by Mark Oliver


Grizzle is an orange-brown bear of short stature but wears a metal exoskeleton. The fur on his head is rather messy and ragged, almost mohawk-like. His most notable feature is his elongated, oversized head.


Grizzle is portrayed as a rather ordinary bear save for the fact he wears a hulking suit of armor that makes him fairly formidable-looking even if he is a rather incompetent foe in reality (unlike No-Heart Grizzle is often comedic and one-minded, normally being easily defeated despite his persistence).

Grizzle also shows signs of many varied psychological problems such as megalomania, delusions of grandeur and schizophrenia (he talks to seemingly inanimate objects as if they were real).

Grizzle is also prone to employing a robotic henchman to do his evil deeds and is more of a mad scientist archetype than the traditionally magical villains of Care Bears, he is obsessed with destroying the Care Bears and taking over Care-A-Lot mainly due to the fact he can't understand the concepts of caring or being nice.




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