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Very soon, there will be no more ponies in Ponyland!
~ Grogar in My Little Pony and Friends.
I gave life to the foulest of creatures and allowed them to run wild, taking what they wanted and destroying the rest. My reign was a glorious, fear-soaked epoch of darkness in Equestria.
~ "Grogar" explaining how Equestria was under his reign in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Grogar is a ram sorcerer who appears as a villain in the My Little Pony franchise. He appears as one of the antagonists in the G1 series, My Little Pony 'n Friends, appearing as the main antagonist in the four-part episode, "The Return of Tambelon". In G4, he is a posthumous antagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

The G1 version was voiced by Michael Bell, who also voices The Fear from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Medivh from the Warcraft games, Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck, and Lex Luthor in the 80s Superman Cartoon, while the G4 version was voiced by Doc Harris when Discord poses as him.


Both the G1 and G4 versions of Grogar are rams who are larger than the ponies in appearance, have goatees, sharp teeth, large horns and red collars that held their magical bells. However, their fur, horns, hooves and eye colors differ from one another. The G1 version of Grogar had ash gray fur, black horns and hooves and red eyes with white eyebrows. The G4 version of Grogar had cornflower blue fur while his mane, tail and eyebrows are white, dark azure horns and hooves and pale apple green eyes with red pupils.


My Little Pony 'n Friends

The Return of Tambelon

Paradise: "According to the ancient legend, Tambelon is the Realm of Darkness: a sort of in-between place. It last appeared 500 years ago and its ruler, Grogar, tried to conquer Ponyland."
Danny Williams: "So what happened? How'd he wind up back in the Realm of Darkness?"
Paradise: "Uh... I don't remember, but Grogar swore that he would return in 500 years to try again."
~ Paradise telling about the legend of Grogar, Tambelon and his reign.
MLP29 Grogar

The G1 version of Grogar appears only in the four-part episode "The Return of Tambelon" as the main antagonist. He is an evil demonic ram sorcerer and the leader of the kingdom named Tambelon which is also the Realm of Darkness, who conquered the Troggles and once ruled Ponyland with an iron hoof 500 years ago before he was defeated when the ancient bell was rung. This banished him and the city to the Shadow World. However, Grogar swore that he would return in 500 years to retake Ponyland.

Grogar and Tambelon slowly started to return to Ponyland 500 years later, capturing all the Unicorn Ponies one by one when they winked in and out of the city. When Ribbon sends a dream message to Megan to tell where they are, Grogar intercepts it. After his second in command, Bray, feeds the Unicorns, Grogar orders him to prepare the Troggles to attack Ponyland and threatens him to not doddle. Tambleon fully returns and Bray and the Troggles conquer Dream Valley and capture most of it's inhabitants much to Grogar's pleasure.

However, Bray informs him that nearly all of the ponies and their friends have been captured much to Grogar's anger seeing as that he plans to banish his enemies to the Realm of Darkness and plans to make the humans slaves seeing as that they like the Troggles have hands. When the captured Ponies, Bushwoolies and Grundles escape the dungeons, they find the ancient bell but don't yet realize its purpose before meeting with Megan and Lofty who had sneaked into Tambelon to free them. Unfortunately, they are caught escaping by Bray and the Troggles. Bray informs Grogar of this and Grogar easily recaptures his prisoners except for Peach Blossom who witnessed the events. He orders Bray to return the old and new prisoners to the dungeons and threatens to throw him in the dungeon if they try to escape again.

Meanwhile, Danny, Molly, Spike, the Ponies and their friends realize that the bell on Grogar's collar is the source of his powers and plan to take it from him. They manage to get Danny's tape recorder and record and splice up Bray's voice in order for Masquerade to lure Grogar out. This succeeds and everyone ambush Grogar. Unfortunately, Grogar proves to be too strong and attacks them. Spike nearly takes his bell but Grogar throws him off and captures Paradise and Forget-Me-Not while everyone else escapes. Later, a Troggle named Drog abandons Tambelon and joins the humans, Spike, the ponies and their friends. However, a few Troggles (either out of fear or loyalty) inform Grogar of Drog's treachery and he prepares an ambush. This succeeds when Drog, the humans, Spike, the ponies and their friends enter Tambelon and get themselves captured and Grogar informs them of his plan to banish them to the Realm of Darkness.

Later, Bray informs Grogar that the Moochick and the baby ponies have been captured which pleases Grogar. He then orders a celebration and threatens that any of the Troggles not celebrating, will be banished with his prisoners to the Realm of Darkness at midnight. Grogar then prepares the spell that will banish his prisoners at midnight forever. However, the ponies, humans, Spike, Drog, Bushwoolies and Grundles escape the dungeons and prepare to leave with the Troggles. After being informed of this, Grogar threatens to banish Bray to the Realm of Darkness if they escape. When he sees everyone escaping, he decides to use his magic to kill them instead. However, Spike unknowingly gives Paradise the idea of the ancient bell in Tambelon and informs her friends that when the bell is rung, Grogar's power will be destroyed. Grogar was defeated again by Megan after she rang the ancient bell for the second time, destroying the bell containing his power and banishing him and the whole city back to the Realm of Darkness.

It is said he is unlikely to escape the Realm of Darkness again.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Tirek: "Grogar is ancient and extremely powerful. The land that would become Equestria was a mere collection of farms and pastures until he declared himself emperor of all he saw. I remember hearing tales of his tyranny when I was young."
King Sombra: "I have also heard of the first Emperor of Equestria. The "Father of Monsters"."
~ Tirek and King Sombra telling the tale of Grogar's reign over Pre-Equestria in "The Beginning of the End".
Twilight Sparkle: "...and while nopony had ever tried to reach Cloudsdale on hoof, Gusty the Great was not deterred! She and her unicorn warriors marched up the hill. But suddenly, they encountered..."
Spike: "(gasps) What?! What was it?!"
Twilight Sparkle: "It was the treacherous Grogar... ...and Gusty could tell he was ready for battle. Gusty called out to the unicorn warriors— (...) 'We can fight Grogar together!' And the unicorn warriors shot magical beams into the clouds that wove into one! The beam, stronger than a thousand armies, shined down! It wrapped around Grogar and pulled him to the ground! 'Don't let him escape!', yelled Gusty! (...) Grogar was strong, for fear gave him power, and he broke through the bonds!"
~ Twilight Sparkle telling the tale of Grogar and Gusty the Great's battle in "A Flurry of Emotions".
Thousands of moons ago, the self-righteous Gusty the Great, unable to best me face-to-face, stole my Bewitching Bell. A talisman containing much of my own magic. The Bell cannot be destroyed, so Gusty hid it in a place it has taken me millennia to discover – an enchanted cave high atop Mt. Everhoof, protected by magical winds that prevent anypony from reaching its peak. There, the Bell has remained until now.
~ Discord (as Grogar) telling about the real Grogar's defeat in "Frenemies".
Grogar looms over Gusty the Great S9E8

Grogar facing Gusty the Great in the past in G4.

The G4 version of Grogar appears as a posthumous antagonist of the series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is first mentioned in the Season 7 episode "A Flurry of Emotions". His story was told in the book called "Gusty the Great". Millenia ago, long before the three pony tribes came together as one, Grogar was the supreme ruler of the land that would be later be called Equestria. Wielding a powerful artifact known as the Bewitching Bell, he created terrible monsters to terrorize the populace and ruled his domain with an iron hoof, until he was confronted by a pony named Gusty the Great and her Unicorn Warriors. As told in the book by Twilight Sparkle, he encountered them on top of the hill that leads to Cloudsdale. The unicorn warriors shot magical beams into the clouds and wrapped around Grogar and pulled him to the ground, but the evil ram managed to break through the bonds as fear gave him power. The rest of the conflict was left unknown due to the interruption by Flurry Heart, but in Season 9, it is revealed that Gusty took his magic bell and banished him.

In the ninth and final season, the redeemed spirit of chaos, Discord disguises himself as Grogar, in hopes of preparing Princess Twilight to take over as ruler of Equestria when Princesses Celestia and Luna retire. Using this disguise, he then creates a syndicate of the most dangerous villains in Equestria, believing that the combined threat would pose an even greater challenge for Twilight and her friends. These villains include the former tyrant of the changelings, Queen Chrysalis, the power-hungry centaur, Lord Tirek, and the treacherous pegasus filly, Cozy Glow. He even revives the dark unicorn, King Sombra, who was previously deceased, though the latter refused to work with him, which got him destroyed yet again.

Tirek pointing at picture of Grogar S9E24

Grogar in the past using his magic on his Bewitching Bell to drain a unicorn of it's magic to make himself very powerful in G4.

After cementing his place as their leader, "Grogar" then later sends the villains on a mission to retrieve the real Grogar's Bewitching Bell, which was hidden in an enchanted cave atop Mt. Everhoof. Even though the villains claim to have failed to obtain the bell, they did learn to work together, which was apparently enough to please "Grogar". Unbeknownst to him, they actually did get the bell but kept it so that they could use its power to betray him and take Equestria for themselves, which they did near the end of the season. Using the bell, they gained new super forms and then drained "Grogar" of his own magic, which revealed him to actually be Discord in disguise.

The existence of the Bewitching Bell means that Grogar was indeed real in history and Gusty the Great had banished him successfully, never to return again. He only ever appears in illustrations or flashbacks.


My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights

The G1 version of Grogar made a cameo along with all the other previous villains of G1 in Princess Eris' casino.


My Little Pony 'n Friends

The G1 version of Grogar has a cold, ruthless and dangerous personality, always scolding Bray for his mistakes and always threatening him different forms of torture if he failed. He sometimes abuses the Troggles so they can follow his orders and do what he wants. He is extremely hateful towards pony-kind and other creatures and prefers to have all his enemies captured. He loved enslaving anyone and had no problem with wanting to make the human children his slaves. He is also has murderous moments with trying to hurt or kill his enemies as shown when he confronted and attacked the ponies, human children, Spike (whose a baby dragon) and their friends and also when they were escaping along with the Troggles, he decided to kill them instead to make sure his plan worked. He is also very intelligent as shown when he hid the ancient bell in a different part of his castle, so that nobody could use it against him and after he learnt of Drog's betrayal, he set up a trap to capture the rest of the inhabitants of Ponyland.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

While the G4 Grogar was never seen, it is safe to assume that he was much like his G1 counterpart: ruthless, dangerous and extremely hateful towards pony-kind. He created an army of monsters to terrorize them so that their fear can supply him with power.

When Discord portrayed himself as Grogar, he put on a serious and frightful demeanor that was enough to intimidate the other villains into submission. He claimed to be extremely patient and cunning, having awaited for thousands of years to take his revenge and is willing to work with other villains just for a chance to pull it off. Despite this claim, however, he was unable to tolerate his team bickering with each other, so he sends them on a mission to reclaim the real Grogar's Bewitching Bell in order to teach them to work together. When they claimed to have failed this mission, he only showed anger for a brief moment and then was pleased that they finally got their act together. He also will not tolerate disobedience, as he refused to bring back Sombra after he turned his back on him and used his death as an example to coerce the other villains into compliance. Unlike the majority of villains in the series, "Grogar" does not underestimate the Mane Six and acknowledges their teamwork as the key to their success. However, despite his seeming distrust of his cohorts, "Grogar" was gullible enough to believe their story that they failed to retrieve the Bewitching Bell, and was surprised when his cohorts turned on him and revealed that they had the bell all along.

Powers and Abilities

My Little Pony 'n Friends

Grogar boasted incredible power thanks to his magic bell, which allowed him and his Troggle army (armed with spears imbued with his magic) to capture nearly all ponies in Ponyland, including the immensely powerful flutter ponies. He was also shown to be massively strong as shown when he charges with his horn and when he threw Spike off his bell in no time.

However, his bell's magic was weak to that of the ancient bell's, which Grogar smartly kept hidden in his castle, so no one could use it against him. When it was rung twice, Grogar's bell melted and he was rendered powerless.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Grogar, although never seen in person, is implied to have been even more powerful than his G1 incarnation. The power in his Bewitching Bell (which was said to have contained all of his magic) was enough to transform Cozy Glow, an ordinary Pegasus filly, into an alicorn, power a version of Tirek that was weak enough for Chrysalis to block his attempt to forcefully absorb her magic into a state that enabled him to very easily defeat all the Pillars of Equestria at once (whereas Starswirl alone would be enough to defeat Chrysalis in her base state), and give Chrysalis a new form powerful enough to defeat Starlight Glimmer. This would mean he would have been far above the base level of an alicorn, likely putting him at least on par with Celestia or Sombra. As powerful as his raw magic was though, his main threat level came from his army of monsters and his Bewitching Bell. His Bewitching Bell allowed him to steal the magic of any other creature and use it to increase his own already formidable power. It's also mentioned that fear made him stronger, so the more fear he and his monsters caused, the more powerful he became. It was stated that during his fight against Gusty the Great and her army of unicorn warriors, fear made him powerful enough to break through an energy beam made up of all their magic, which was said to be "stronger than a thousand armies".

However, as great a threat as his bell, army of monsters, and raw magic made him, Grogar still had a weakness: his bell. Unlike his bell in G1, the Bewitching Bell could not be destroyed. However, it could still be taken from him. When Gusty managed to do this, he was deprived of all his power and banished eternally.


My Little Pony 'n Friends

Bray: "The unicorns have been fed, master."
Grogar: "Excellent! Now, Bray, we will reach Ponyland very soon. Prepare the Troggles for arrival."
Bray: "Yes master, right away."
Grogar: "Oh, and Bray. (shoots magic at Bray) Don't doddle!"
Bray: "No, master. No doddling. Of course not, master. Right away, master."
~ Grogar ordering Bray to prepare to attack Ponyland.
Bray: "It's done, master. Dream Valley is yours."
Grogar: "Exactly as I planned. Today: Dream Valley. Tomorrow: All of Ponyland!"
~ Grogar after conquering Dream Valley.
Bray: "Nearly all the little ponies and their friends have been captured, master."
Grogar: "Nearly all is not good enough, Bray! I want every inhabitant of Ponyland in the dungeons by nightfall! (a Troggle feeds him food) I'm especially interested in the humans... ...since they like the Troggles have hands. We need more slaves with hands, Bray. Hands that can serve us! Now go!"
~ Grogar plotting to make the humans slaves.
Grogar: Have the Troggles return them to the dungeon!
Bray: "Yes, master."
Grogar: And, Bray, if it happens again, you shall join them!
~ Grogar threatening Bray after he recaptures the ponies.
Masquerade (as Bray): "Grogar!"
Grogar: Bray! I thought you were in the dungeon!
Masquerade (as Bray): "This is your last chance to capture all those ponies!"
Danny Williams: (quietly) "Okay, Masquerade. Run!"
Grogar: "Wait!"
~ Masquerade luring Grogar into a trap.
Danny Williams: "Give up, Grogar! We've got you surrounded!"
Grogar: "(chuckles) You're wrong, boy! I've got
you surrounded!" (starts attacking everyone by charging)
Ponies: "Uh oh, he's charging again!"
Danny Williams: "Let me out of here!"
Ponies: (Screams before Grogar rams into a tree.)
Spike: "Now's our chance to get the bell!"
Danny Williams: "Spike, wait!"
Spike: (grabs ahold of Grogar's bell before Grogar frees himself and stares at Spike who chuckles nervously) Not bothering you am I?
Grogar: (growls while throwing Spike off his bell.)
Spike: Where is he? Let me at him! I'll make mutton out of that overgrown... (hears Grogar growling) Uh oh.
Danny Williams: "Run, everyone!"
Grogar: (uses his magic to capture Paradise and Forget-Me-Not) Run is going to do you no good! There's no place in Ponyland where you'll be safe!
~ Grogar attacking the rest of the ponies and their friends.
Bray: "All is in readiness, master. As you ordered."
Grogar: "Good. Very soon now, there will be no more ponies in Ponyland!"
~ Grogar preparing a trap for the rest of the ponies, Spike, humans and their allies after learning of Drog's betrayal.
"Welcome, my little ponies! What a pity you can't stay for long! For within a few short hours: you and the rest of your kind will be banished to the Realm of Darkness!"
~ Grogar capturing the rest of the ponies and their friends.
Bray: "Good news, master. The Moochick and the baby ponies have been captured!"
Grogar: "That means Ponyland is mine! This calls for a celebration! Tell the Troggles that anyone not found celebrating will be banished along with the ponies at midnight!"
Bray: "Right away, master!"
Grogar: "Now to start the spell that will banish the ponies from Ponyland forever." (uses his magic to begin the spell)
~ Grogar ordering a celebration before preparing the spell to banish the ponies and their friends forever.
Grogar: "Escaped!? (shoots magic at Bray) You fool!"
Bray: "It wasn't my fault!"
Grogar: "If they get out of the city,
you will take their place!." (uses his magic to fire at Bray)
~ Grogar getting angry at Bray for letting the ponies and their friends escape.
~ Grogar's last word as he prepares to kill everyone before he becomes banished to the Realm of Darkness.



My Little Pony 'n Friends

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


  • A popular fan speculation was that Grogar would be the villain in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5 premiere since Tirek was rebooted as the Season 4 finale antagonist. However, this was proven false, and the real antagonist in the Season 5 premiere is Starlight Glimmer. However, he was mentioned in "A Flurry of Emotions" and Discord poses as him in Season 9. 
  • Grogar's defeat takes place during a song. The next time this is done with a My Little Pony villain is in Friendship is Magic, with The Dazzlings - Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk.
  • It is a common misconception that Grogar is a necromancer in My Little Pony 'n Friends, despite nothing in the show indicating this to be true. Ironically, the version of Grogar from Friendship is Magic seems to use necromancy to resurrect fellow villain King Sombra. However, it turns out to be Discord in the form of Grogar, meaning that King Sombra came back from the dead by Discord's doing, not Grogar's.
    • Similarly, the concept of a kingdom returning from a limbo along with a dangerous ancient evil was used by both Grogar and Sombra's debut appearances.
  • While Discord poses as Grogar throughout Season 9, the real Grogar's fate and true personality are unknown, although he's known to be cruel and wicked in the past. It is known that he was banished and defeated by Gusty the Great as Chrysalis pointed out in the Season 9 premiere according to the tales she and others had heard. As the Grogar seen throughout the season was an imposter, it can be assumed that the real Grogar simply remained banished. However, it is unknown if his banishing involved him being sealed in another realm like the Pony of Shadows or if he was simply exiled from Equestria. If it was the latter, he may have died of old age, though several creatures in the series are known to have extended lifespans.
  • As he never actually appeared in person, the exact power of the FIM version of Grogar is unknown. The magic initially stored in the Bewitching Bell was stated to have been his, and it was enough to turn Cozy Glow into an alicorn, give Chrysalis a new form powerful enough to defeat Starlight Glimmer, and power a version of 2nd form Tirek that was only one Earth pony away from his third form to a level of his third form that could very easily defeat Starswirl and the other pillars all at once. It's unclear however if the magic was split exactly evenly amongst the three villains. At the very least, he would have to have been far more powerful than Starswirl or any base level alicorn, likely putting him on par with Celestia. Assuming that his magic was divided exactly evenly, he would still be less powerful than Twilight and Tirek were during their battle in season 4, as they had power equal to all 4 alicorns, while Grogar would only have the power of three alicorns, given that a third of his magic would have been enough to turn Cozy into an alicorn.
  • While the G4 version of Grogar may still be alive in another realm, as all of his old magic was stored in the Bewitching Bell and eliminated when the magic of friendship was used to defeat Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek after they had absorbed it, all of his old power is now gone forever, meaning that even on the off chance that he did somehow return, he would have no way of reclaiming his magic. His only way to become as powerful as before would be to reobtain the Bewitching Bell and absorb enough magic from other beings to gain power equal to his previous power. In addition, it is unknown what was done with the bell after the villains were defeated, so it's not even clear if he could reclaim it. As a result, the possibility of him returning for real would not be of much concern at this point.
  • The G4 version of Grogar (including Discord's disguise as him) is the third character to be a revamp of a G1 villain, the first being Tirek and the second being the Smooze.
  • Both the G1 and G4 versions of Grogar are similar in many ways:
    • They onced ruled the ponies' home country in the distant past.
      • G1 Grogar ruled Ponyland 500 years ago.
      • G4 Grogar ruled ancient Equestria thousands of years ago.
    • They both are ancient and legendary that some characters have heard tales of their tyranny and they are much older than other villains.
      • G1 Grogar is well known by Paradise and is older than Tirac.
      • G4 Grogar is well known by Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek and King Sombra and is much older than them (though he could be possibly be the same age as Discord).
    • They each had a magical bell which was the source of the their power until they lost it.
      • G1 Grogar's bell was destroyed when Megan rang the Ancient Bell a second time.
      • G4 Grogar's Bewitching Bell is indestructible, but was taken from him by Gusty the Great and her Unicorn Warriors.
    • They both had minions who served them out of fear and later turned on them.
      • G1 Grogar had the Troggles who abandoned him out of redemption.
      • G4 Grogar had Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow who betrayed him to take Equestria for themselves (though this was actually Discord in disguise).
  • When Discord poses as Grogar throughout Season 9, he was thought to be the main antagonist, bigger bad and overarching antagonist of the season and entire series while Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow, were thought to be the secondary antagonists of the season. However, this all changed in the finale as when Discord's treachery was revealed and thus, Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow took over as the main villains of the season and entire series.


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