Not a bad idea, Indio. But I'm one thing you forgot about.
~ Groggy revealing his true colors

Groggy is the secondary antagonist of the 1965 western film For A Few Dollars More. He is a member of El Indio's gang.

He was portrayed by the late Luigi Pistilli.


Groggy was a member of El Indio's gang. He participated in the El Paso bank robbery and was present when the gang arrived in Agua Caliente. After Monco and Douglas Mortimer are found attempting to steal the money, Groggy helps the gang beat them up. Later, Niño murders Slim and frees Monco and Mortimer, under orders of El Indio, in order to frame Cuchillo. El Indio uses this to get his gang to attack Monco and Mortimer, but Groggy sees through his scheme and kills Niño and takes El Indio hostage. However, Monco and Mortimer fight their way to where Groggy and El Indio are hiding, the two rush out and Groggy is shot by Mortimer who is in turn disarmed by El Indio. A standoff occurs which would result in Mortimer's death, however, Monco intervenes and makes it fair. In the end, Mortimer kills El Indio and leaves, letting Monco collect all the bodies of the gang members and collect the reward of $27,000.

However, Groggy survived and sneaks up behind Monco while he is counting, hatching a plan to kill Monco, net the bounty for all his fallen comrades and run off with the stolen bank money himself. All the pieces are about to fall into place, and Groggy is about to succeed in his intricate plot propagated since the very beginning, when Monco realizes he is short and hears the click of the ultimate foe's gun. Monco turns around and kills Groggy, bringing an end to the threat once and for all.


  • Groggy had a $5,000 bounty.


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