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Grossular Diopside, also known as "Titanite" and as the Flower Monster in her corrupted state, is a corrupted Gem and an antagonist in Steven Universe, first appearing in "Back to the Kindergarten". She was encountered by Steven Universe, Peridot, and Amethyst while they were gardening, shortly being poofed and bubbled by Smoky Quartz.

She was voiced by Michaela Dietz.



The Flower Monster is a large plant-like corrupted Gem whose body resembles a giant turnip with the top of her body tapering into a leafy stem with a five-petaled flower on top. She lacks a defined head or face, having only a cavernous, fanged maw at the front of her teardrop-shaped body. Her tongue resembles a humanoid arm in shape and function, which is used for pulling victims into her mouth. She walks on four root-like, three-toed legs.


In its incorrupt state Grossular Diopside or Titanite is small being a hybrid between a gem and a vegetable has a short torn dress and a torn shawl


Back to the Kindergarten

The flower of Grossular Diopside is discovered by Peridot in the Prime Kindergarten, mistaking it for an organic flower. This gives Steven and Amethyst the idea to plant flowers there, believing that it can support life.

The next day, Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot return to the Kindergarten to find the sunflowers they have planted dead. This causes Peridot to become upset. Steven tries to calm her down, although he fails. Peridot, in her rage, walks over to the flower and crushes it, immediately feeling bad afterward. The ground then begins to shake, and Grossular Diopside pops out of the ground. She grabs Peridot with her tongue, 'eating' her, and goes underground.

She pops up again behind Steven and Amethyst, prompting the latter to summon her whip and grab her. Diopside dives underground, taking Amethyst with her. Steven runs after them, and discovers Amethyst fighting her. As she is about to eat both of them, Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz, launching Grossular Diopside out of the ground.

Smoky Quartz wraps three yo-yos around Diopside, lands on her, and tightens the yo-yos, poofing her and freeing Peridot. The monster's gemstone is then bubbled by Smoky Quartz, and it is sent back to the Crystal Temple.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability: Grossular Diopside is able to take a direct slash from Amethyst's whip and a fall from the sky with little damage. It takes the power of Smoky Quartz to subdue her.
  • Burrowing: Grossular Diopside is skilled at burrowing herself through tunnels underground. She shares this ability with the Slinker, another plant-like corrupted Gem.



  • Ironically, the Silent Princess flowers were stated to be difficult if not impossible to grow domestically and are almost exclusively found in locations with high amounts of nature magic.
  • Her name was revealed to either be Grossular Diopside or "Titanite" in Steven Universe: End of an Era.
  • It seems that his name was being shuffled to decide which one it is since the Grossular Diopside and the Titanite are different types of gems.


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