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Gonna! gonna! gonna!
~ Ground Hawk preparing to lunge at Hughie Campbell - His catchphrase and only words.

Ground Hawk is a minor antagonist of the controversial comic book series The Boys. He is the leader of the superhero team The G-Men despite being an almost mindless, feral supe.


Almost nothing is known about his previous life, but it is assumed that just like other G-Men members, he was kidnapped as a child, given Compound V, and trained to become a superhero as well as the leader of the G-Men. His animalistic needs to kill people with his hammer-hands, his fearlessness, and inability to speak proper words other than his phrase "Gonna" is a result of the side-effects caused by Compound V.  Due to the fact that he has hammers for hands, his teammates normally feed him during lunch. However, he is rather cannibalistic and would normally eat his enemies/victims alive.

Ground Hawk is first seen in the comics growling and preparing to engage at Hughie Campbell but is soon stopped by one of his teammates. Vought would become concerned with G-Men's founder John Godolkin, who is selfish, greedy, and sexually abusive and becomes too much of a problem for the mega-corporation to deal with. Ground Hawk leads the G-Men and the G-squads such as G-Force, G-Wiz, and the G-Style as they decide to take a stand against Vought's attempt at taking down Godolkin. They foolishly underestimate Vought's power and tech, that's when Vought forces fire bullets and bombs into the crowd and kill every single one of the G-Men including Ground Hawk himself. 

Powers and abilities

Superhuman durability- Due to Compound V, he gained superhuman durability which prevents him from dying as well as withstanding fatal wounds and damage without being weakened. It took Vought's very own weaponry to take him down.

Super strength- Ground Hawk is strong enough to fight off countless people with ease as well as flip over a car with his hammers.

Skilled use of his hammers- Ground Hawk has two hammers where his hands should be, which is considered a great difficulty for him as he can't grab things. However, said hammers are lethal can smash a person's head with one hit. 



  • Ground Hawk is an obvious parody of Wolverine, with hammers for hands as opposed to Wolverine's claws.
    • Ground Hawk is also a grim representation and exploitation of what Wolverine could be if he lost control and became feral. 


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