Groundpounder in Fight

Groundpounder (also known as the "Beast from Kaon", the "Pulverizer of the Pits" and the "Pounder of Ground") is a gorilla-like Decepticon gladiator and one Alchemor's prisoner in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Groundpounder and his manager, Headlock got a big match time to the prosecution of fraud and match ban. And it was true, they are a cantankerous and argumentative cheater duo. When Alchemor crashed to Earth, Groundpounder has not done more than practiced. But when he saw an ad of Crown City's demo derby, and the Mechanosaurus, he and Headlock headed towards the Rumbledome. Groundpounder and Headlock cheated to win the Mechanosaurus, and then Groundpounder was a new champion of demo derby.

Later when he faced Grimlock, he and Headlock also tricked. But fortunately Fixit came to help, and when Groundpounder and Headlock was defeated, Bee Team took them to the Stasis Pod. Later in Season 2 Steeljaw freed Groundpounder and a few Decepticons in name Bisk, Quillfire, Clampdown, Springload, Overload and Thunderhoof, and delivered them to Glowstrike and Saberhorn.

But later Bee Team's Stasis Bomb received Groundpounder and all Decepticons of Decepticon Island to stasis, and then Optimus Prime, Windblade and Ratchet went to bring them back to Cybertron with Alchemor's prison guard Mini-Cons.

Powers and Abilities

Groundpounder is a strong Decepticon, easily throwing Grimlock and nearly pinning him down until he equals him in terms of strength, he is an expert in wrestling moves such as:

  • Polyhex Power-Slam
  • Cyber City Suplex
  • Praxus Piledriver
  • Gygax Gouger
  • Hydrax Hammer Fist
  • Fiery Fists of Furnax



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