Grouza is a member of the Neo Descal Fleet, serving as its technical expert, and a major antagonist in the second third of Chousei Kantai Sazer X.


Grouza arrived from the future to observe the fight between the Three Shoguns and Sazer X. After the three failed again to defeat Sazer X, Grouza introduced herself to them and offered to assist them.

She later approached Remy and Takuto, and informed the former that her home planet was being covered in darkness.

Right before the Descal flagship was blown up, Grouza teleported the Three Shoguns away. She later contacted Garade via dimensional capsule and informed him of the trouble Descal was encountering from the Sazer X, requesting that he come to the past to help deal with them.

When the Three Shoguns revealed their presence on Garade's ship, the fleet commander questioned why they were still alive. Grouza explained to him that they were their ancestors, and they needed to stay alive in order to ensure the Neo Descal's own existence.

Grouza later managed to obtain most of the Cosmo Capsules by holding Remy hostage and forcing Takuto to reveal their location to her. However, Remy managed to take back the Shark-4 capsule before Grouza could teleport it to Neo Descal.

When Thundera first appeared, Grouza initially dismissed her as unimportant as she wasn't in any records. However, Grouza was later revealed to be the descendant of Thundera and Blaird and when Takuto stopped them from meeting, Grouza faded from existence.


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