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Grozam is a major antagonist in Ultraman Mebius. He is a member of the Four Heavenly Kings and the third one to confront Mebius.



Grozam and Deathrem were both members of the Empera Army who were selected by Alien Empera to be a part of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Ultraman Mebius

Following Deathrem's death, Grozam went to confront Ultraman Mebius. Unlike his teammates, Grozam decided to fight Ultraman Mebius in a face-to-face battle. Grozam defeated Mebius and froze him in a nearby dam.

However, GUYS revived Mebius, and Grozam fought both him and Ultraseven. The two Ultras destroy Grozam, but the alien revives due to his immortality.

However, Konomi uses the Maxwell Tornado to vaporize him and burn his pieces.

Ghost Reverse

Grozam was revived alongside the other Heavenly Kings and began plotting with them to revive Alien Empera.

They lured Mebius, Ace, and Taro into the Monster Graveyard after capturing Hikari. When Mebius finally arrived, Hikari told him he had joined the Four Kings. The Four Heavenly Kings then ordered Mebius to retrieve the Giga Battle Nizer or Ace and Taro would be killed.

When Mebius returned, Hikari stole it from Mefilas and revealed he had only joined the Kings to rescue the other Ultra Brothers. A fight then broke out between the Ultra Brothers and Four Heavenly Kings where Grozam was betrayed by Armored Mefilas, who believed him to be weak.

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