Gruagach (Hellboy)

Gruagach is a villain in the Hellboy series.


Gruagach was a fairy sent to kidnap Alice for his race until Hellboy shows up and turns him in a giant pig man. Since then he vowed revenge on Hellboy and later teams up with Nimue.Before meeting Nimue he teamed up with Astraoth to take revenge on hellboy for hulimiating him for stopping him from kidnapping Alice when she was a baby.Gruagach later teams up with a hedgehog fairy. Hellboy fought Gruagach once again and defeat him. In the Storm and the fury Gruagach later frees Nimue and help her unleash the Ordru Jahad if it helps to restore the Faires to their former glory. He also had a human lover who accidently costed him his pride.

Powers and ablitlies

Gruagach is a fairy with powerful Magic and in his current pig body has superhuman strength speed and durability.

Hellboy (2019)

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