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[[Category:Villains with Superhuman Strength]]

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Grumblemon is one of the Evil Hybrids in the anime, Digimon Frontier.


Grumblemon is a Human-hybrid Digimon that resembles a gnome with snake eyes, a big nose, spikes for armor, and he wields a hammer with spikes to bash his opponents. He is also not very bright. He can Slide Evolution to Gigasmon.

Digimon Frontier

Grumblemon first appeared in episode 6 of Digimon Frontier when he attacked the heroes. In episode 11, he used a Golemon as his minion.

After his Beast Spirit got taken away by BurningGreymon, he ordered the other Evil Hybrids to help him get his revenge on the Digidestined for stealing his Beast Spirit. Despite that, he was ultimately destroyed by MetalKabuterimon.

Later on, he returned in the episode, "Glean Eggs And Scram". He became good with the heroes to fight the Royal Knights.


He has an army of Golemon as his minions.


  • Snake Eye Break
  • Jack in the Box
  • Seismic Slam


Ogre type Digimon that has succeeded the power of AncientVolcamon of the Ancient Warriors of legend, his attribute is earth. He is a craftsman that has made his own weapons and armor. He is abhorred when he is ordered around by other people. He equipped with the "Grotto Armor" and the "Grotto Hammer".

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