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For the 1985 incarnation please see Grune the Destroyer

Grune was a Cat in the 2011 Thundercats cartoon series. He was a Thundercat General and a closer personal friend of King Claudus.

As a young man, he enlisted in the Thunderan armies with Panthro. He became a good friend of Panthro and the two rose through the ranks of the armies together. Along with Panthro Grune became a good friend of Claudus and one of his most trusted Generals.

Despite being a highly honored member of the army and a friend of the King it was never enough for the ambitious Grune. Grune even suggested to Panthero that he would one day be King.

At some point, Grune ripped one of his saber teeth out to defeat the spider queen Spidera.

When the time came to select a General of the Army King Claudus did not name either Grune or Panthero to the post, instead giving it to Lynx-O. Claudus had a different job for them. He asked them to go out into Third Earth on a quest to discover the Book of Omens. During the quest, Grune discovered the Black Pyramid and released the entombed Mumm-Ra. Grune was quick to join Mumm-Ra and turned on his friend Panthro when the latter would not also join Mumm-Ra, knocking him into the abyss beneath the pyramid.

Grune became a General in Mumm-Ra's army, working with the Lizardmen. Pretending to return to Thundera, he snuck a Lizardmen commando force into Thundera, which were used to devastating effect when Mumm-Ra's forces attacked the city.

A young Grune

Grune eventually had to face Panthro in battle near the Astral Plane, which ended with Panthro pushing him into the Astral Plane.


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