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Grutas' Group is a villainous group of 6 men, led by Vladis Grutas during World War II in Hannibal Rising. The men were all Lithuanian and became looters of the battlefield, gathering many riches that they would later use in life to further their wealth.

Each of the men were responsible for the cannibalization of Mischa Lecter, with Grutas being the one to actually kill her. Apart from Kazys Porvik, all members of the group were later hunted down and killed by Hannibal Lecter...with Kazys dying during a Russian tank attack on the lodge where the men stayed.



  • 2 medics killed by Milko on the road (sniped, shot in the head)
  • SS Major (shot in the head by Grutas)
  • Mischa Lecter (struck with axe by Grutas, cannibalized by all members)
  • Numerous amount of soldiers and potentially civilians, as Milko claims the group ate at least 9 during the war.


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Grutas' Group


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