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Gu'ra Zul is a supporting antagonist of the 2011 Danish animated movie Ronal the Barbarian.

He was voiced by Jens Jacob Tychsen in Danish and Brad Abelle in English.


Gu'ra Zul is in Volcazar's castle when the latter appears with all the barbarians of the tribe of the Sons of Kron captured but he is unaware that one, the barbarian Ronal, is missing. Gu'ra Zul is happy and begins the incantation to enter the demon Zaal's temple but the ritual fails because of the missing person. The undead says this to Volcazar, much to his wrath.

He is seen after reminding Volcazar that they must find the last barbarian before the full moon. Volcazar is annoyed by his recommendations and orders him to shut up. He receives a skull, which Volcazar uses as an instrument of torture on one of the captured barbarians, on his head by accident. Volcazar's General calls him and tells him that Ronal is protected by a mighty warrior, which enrages the tyrant hitting Gu'ra Zul on the head to vent off his anger.

Finally, Ronal is captured and Gu'ra Zul does the incantation which allows the portal to be open. He then brings everybody to the temple. He tells Volcazar that he must drink the blood of all the tribe. However, the barbarians succeed to liberate themselves and begin to fight against Volcazar's army. Gu'ra Zul says Volcazar must hurry up to drink the blood, which he does. The result makes him fuse with Zaal. Later, seeing Ronal attempting to defeat Volcazar, Gu'ra Zul attempts to kill him by shooting blasts with his stick, but Alibert, a bard apprentice and friend of Ronal, defeats him pretty easily by knocking him out with his lute. He is not seen after but it can be assumed that he either died or ran away from Volcazar's kingdom after learning of his defeat.


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