The Guar Army are the main antagonists of Andros Super Warriors. They are an army of monsters founded and led by the three Space Devil siblings, Juda, Gina, and Mold.


Andros Super Warriors

The Guar Army was formed by Juda, Gina, and Mold to assist them in their goal of galactic conquest and derives its name from their base of operations, Planet Guar.

Following the deaths of the army's three leaders, the Guar Army dissolved.

Ultraman X

Following Juda Spectre's death, it was revealed that his siblings Gina and Mold were also revived as specters by Yapool. The two came to Earth looking to revive the army and avenge their younger brother.

The two attempted to summon the other Guar Army members via space distortion, but they were all wiped out by Ultraman Ginga before they could arrive. The mold then merged with his siblings to form Guar Spectre, and was defeated too, causing the Guar Army to go defunct once again. 



Members (Andro Super Warriors)

  • Guar Soldiers

Fighting Bem

Monster Battleship

Members (Ultraman X)


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