Guardian Angel is a minor antagonist in the Adventure Time TV series. She makes her debut in "Dungeon."

She was voiced by Maria Bamford.


After Finn gets badly hurt from the Bucket Knight and starts getting stalked by the Demon Cat he starts to feel hopeless about himself. The Guardian Angel then appears claiming that she is here to save Finn. She picks him up and heals his scars and bruises. She then says that she's going to take him to the chamber of the Crystal Eye where she will cook Finn and eat his flesh, much to his shock and confusion. The Angel's face then changes to a more demonic and monstrous appearance.

She traps Finn in a soup cage and begins to cook him. Fin and then reunites with Jake in the cage, who came to look for Finn after he finished lunch. The two then work together to get out of the cage, which causes the cage to fall right on top of the angel while she was playing the xylophone. She gets crushed by the cage but somehow miraculously lives.

She makes a cameo appearance in "Suitor" within the heart of the tree of the Candy Kingdom where The Lich was imprisoned. She takes part in Peppermint Butler's summoning ritual along with a Bull and a Lion to summon Ogdoad the demon.


  • Jake was also tricked and captured by her, explaining why he was in the cage before she captured Finn.
  • She bears a strong resemblance to the Zoroastrian concept of guardian angels, in appearance and purpose.
  • Her eye makeup resembles that of Pris from the film Blade Runner.
  • She is the second weakest monster in the game Sound Castle, and takes three hits to kill.
  • She can play the xylophone.
  • Somehow, she knew Finn's name without ever meeting him.
  • Her "saving" Finn was the answer to one of Gaia Online's ten trivia contests to answer to try to win a first season DVD set.


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