Yes, all the humans glorifying you, Great Bias. VIVA BIAS!!
~ Gash's final words, convincing Bias he succeeded.

Guardnoid Gash is the secondary antagonist of Chojuu Sentai Liveman. He is a robot constructed by Great Professor Bias to act as his bodyguard, and is the only one aside from Bias himself who knows of his true plans.

He is also the one who creates the Zuno Beasts by combining a brain core with an object and fusing it with a negative energy called Chaos. He can enlarge them as well by firing his Giga Phantom attachment at them.

He was portrayed by Hideaki Kusaka and Naoki Ohfuji.


Gash was constructed by Bias sometime around the founding of Volt, and programmed with knowledge of Bias's schemes.

In the final episode, when the Liveman storm the Brain Base, it is Gash who confronts them, as Bias was rendered unable to do much after Kemp and the other eleven victims he used for the Giga Brain Wave rebel and cause him to revert to his true aged self.

Gash fought against Red Falcon and was defeated, losing his right arm in the process. As the Zuno Base exploded around him and Bias, Gash informs his wizened master that the explosions were from fireworks being shot to celebrate Volt's victory in conquering the Earth.

After Zuno Base collapses, Gash's head is thrown from the explosion. It displays footage of Volt's many schemes throughout the series before sinking into the ground.


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