Guido is a secondary villain in Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templars. He works with Flap.


Guido is slimmer than his friend and much more intelligent. He is a mobster who had a mustache and wore a brown hat that matched his suit. He had brown hair.


Guido is first seen with his sidekick Flap outside the Hotel Ubu , searching anyone who comes out of the hotel to make sure nobody has the manuscript. It is revealed he was working for the Neo-Templars and that they were aware of Khan staying at the hotel. George would drop the manuscript out the window to avoid having it stolen by the pair of thugs. We later see Guido again in the train on the way to Bannockburn , where he is accompanying Eklund . George would climb on the top of the train to avoid being spotted by Guido, and we do not see him again until they arrive inside the Church and are watching the Templar ceremony. We last see him trying to blow out the flames on the gunpowder right before the explosion, which killed him for good.

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