Maggots like you will burn in hell!
~ Guildenstern

Guildenstern (ギルデンスタン) is a major antagonist in the Onimusha video game series. He is a demon scientist who specializes in creating new breeds of demons and monsters. It is implied that he is the second highest ranking demon of the Genma Clan, second only to Fortinbras, and is Fortinbras' right hand man. Like many Onimusha Villains, he is named after a character in Hamlet.


Onimusha: Warlords

Guildenstern first appears in Onimusha: Warlords. When the protagonist, Samanosuke, meets him, it is obvious that Guildenstern is very arrogant. Guildenstern then unleashes his newest creation on Samanosuke to kill him.

Throughout the game, the player finds books written by Guildenstern that develop the plot of the game. It is revealed that Guildenstern is one of the highest ranking Genma demons. While the vast majority of demons are relatively unintelligent life forms, Guildenstern is not only intelligent, he is a genius among geniuses. The texts reveal that Guildenstern was solely responsible for resurrecting the warlord, Nobunaga Oda . It is also revealed that Guildenstern is aiding the demons in planning “The Dark Ceremony”, which through human sacrifice and demonic arts, will grant Nobunaga more power.

Guildenstern appears in person two more times. He is first shown shortly kidnapping Princess Yuki. He then appears at the end of the game taunting Samanosuke. When Samanosuke insults him back, Guildenstern becomes infuriated, and unleashes his “greatest creation ” to fight him. He then disappears without ever personally fighting Samanosuke.

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Although Guildenstern does not appear in person, he is mentioned many times within texts in the game

Onimusha: Blade Warriors

Guildenstern is not a playable character or boss in Onimusha: Blade Warriors. However, he does have a major role in the game. Guildenstern is shown orchestrating the Genma invasion of the human world. He issues orders to all the Genma soldiers to destroy both Oni warriors.

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Guildenstern is also a major villain in the third Onimusha game. He is personally responsible for the Genma invasion of France. He time travels from feudal Japan to France in 2004. If he succeeds in his Timefold experiment, he would bring Nobunaga and the Genma armies to conquer the Modern day world.

He is forced to face Samanosuke again, this time in France. Guildenstern decides to fight Samanosuke personally. However, he is finally killed by Samanosuke.

Power & Abilities

Being the greatest scientist among the Genma, Guildenstern has shown to be equally brilliant as he is immoral. Many advanced Genma technology and creatures, be it biological, mechanical or a mixed inbetween, a credited to him.

  • The Timefold Machine. Guildenstern are able to develop a machine that harness the power of time itself, using it to invade Paris in 2004 from across time and space of the warring states period of Japan
  • Corruption and Zombification. Marcellus, once a great warrior monk whose strength was legendary, fought along side the Oni race against an army of Genma and nearly wipe them out, Guildenstern trapped and killed him, then resurrected his body and christening him with the name Marcellus 'the ultimate Genma warrior'. Another notable instance of this ability was when Guildenstern resurrecting and upgrading Ranmaru Mori, Oda Nobunaga's right hand man, as a Genma warrior.
  • Demonic Cloning. Guildenstern was the creator of Reynaldo class Genma, A tentacled monster that can regrows and splits into two seperate beings when cut or bisect. He may also responsible for the creation of Stylado, an evil clone of the hero Samanosuke Akechi with superior sword skill and the ability to throws purple ball of balefire.
  • Improvised biomechanical creations. After the invasion of Paris, Guildenstern are able to understand and mastered the working concept of modern machinery in a short time and creating a highly advanced hovering mech called Brainstern by combining a large biological Genma brain with various scrap parts and weaponry from modern tanks.




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