Guildos is an extraterrestrial member of the Armed Brain Army Volt and a major antagonist in the 12th Super Sentai series, Chojuu Sentai Liveman. Initially appearing to be an alien with an "unlimited life force" who arrived on Earth after hearing of Great Professor Bias' genius from across the cosmos, it is later revealed that Guildos, along with Butchy is actually a robot built by Bias and programmed with fake memories.


Guildos was constructed by Bias as a way to spur his students to try harder by competing against them. He first arrived on Earth as the Liveman were fighting Doctor Obular and proceeded to restore Obular to his monster form after he was defeated. With this demonstration of his powers, Guildos was accepted into Volt by Bias, who proclaims that his alien powers and mind would be a great help to Volt's cause. After Guildos was joined in Volt by fellow "alien" Butchy, the two frequently collaborated to devise schemes to defeat the Liveman.

In a final effort to prove his genius by defeating the Liveman Guildos creates a Zuno Beast out of his own genetics, dubbing it Guild Zuno. Guildos soon sent out Guild Zuno to fight the Liveman, reviving the monster each time it was damaged. However, Jun'ichi Aikawa refused to give up and continued fighting to inspire a kid he was helping learn to walk again. As the child received the message, the Liveman destroys the Brain Beast with the Biomotion Buster. Guildos' frantically tries to revive Guild Zuno again, only for his own body to begin to malfunction, revealing him to be a robot and not an alien. As his explosions erupt from within his body, Guildos refuses to accept the truth and dies screaming to Bias for answers.


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