Guiron is the main antagonist in the 1969 monster film Gamera vs. Guiron. He is the giant monster who defends the planet Terra.

Role in the film

Gamera vs. Guiron

Guiron first appears defending the planet Terra from a variant of the daikaiju called Gyaos, a silvery creature simply known as Space Gyaos. Guiron brutally kills it by disabling it and then chopping it to pieces with the blade on his head.

The last remaining survivors on Terra, Barbella and Florbella, capture the two child protagonists, Akio and Tom, intending on eating their brains and then to move to Earth to eat the humans there. The giant turtle-like kaiju, Gamera, arrives, but is attacked by Guiron, who knocks Gamera into the sea after a fierce battle.

The children accidentally release Guiron, who is no longer under the Terrans' control. He even attacks the Terrans as they head for Earth in their ship, chopping the ship in half. Both survive, but Barbella is injured, so Florbella kills her because she is now a liability. Gamera wakes up and fights Guiron. Gamera drives Guiron's head into the ground, and the boys fire a missile that kills Florbella. Guiron tries to fire its sharp shurikens at Gamera, but he dodges, grabs the missile, and throws it at Guiron, blowing the monster into pieces, killing him.

Sadly, it is presumed that the planet Guiron once defended was overwhelmed by herds of the Space Gyaos.


  • Gamera vs Guiron has been featured in one episode of Mistery Science Theater 3000.
  • Guiron makes a diabolical laugh while slicing the Space Gyaos implying that he has a sadistic and cruel personality.
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