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Gullivette is a giant girl who lives in castle of the clouds and the main antagonists in 22 episode from Dofus: Kerub's Baazar.


She was a girl out of the ordinary. It was very expensive for her parents to make a house for her. It took them so much time, money and energy that in the end they could not take it anymore, and Gulivette was abandoned to her fate. Hastily and bored, she decided to make friends, even if it was by force.

While Indie and Kerub fighting for who was left with that ring, a giant crow takes the ring, taking with it also the two rivals. After a flight time between the clouds, the crow hits a giant window and the rivals are unconscious. Upon awakening, they realize that they have been locked in a huge glass cylinder, wondering how they arrived or who abducted them. While they are arguing, a huge human is imposingly displayed, causing them to panic. This giantess opens the bottle and with her massive hands she takes them and have fun with her new "friends" with different games. First she forced them to fight and the winner will kiss her. The hostages begin to argue for knowing who is to blame for having been there, so the fight begins, which you have tried to push yourself. They pushed themselves so much that they fell simultaneously and could not get up any more, which bored Gulivette and this one is going to bring another game with hammers.

Gullivette's evil grin

Gulivette retires, so the hostages look for a way to escape. Already tired of that situation, both decide to "play hide and seek" to deceive and escape. Gulivette must count to 100, but she does it badly. The hostages take advantage to leave the castle, meanwhile, Typhus, the mascot of Gulivette, finds them. The giantess is surprised to see her pet beaten, so she releases her anger by destroying part of her palace. Then she will want to step on the hostages, but without realizing it, she destroyed the clouds that surrounded her palace. The clouds fell, and both Gulivette and the hostages go to the palace. Gulivette manages to hold on, but the hostages hold on to their leggings.


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