Gulo the Savage is an anthropomorphic wolverine and the main villain of the Redwall series book Rakkety Tam.


Gulo the Savage was the brother of Askor and the son of Dramz, who ruled the Land of Ice and Snow many years after Urgan Nagru. Gulo murdered his father in order to become king, but his brother Askor stole the Walking Stone, the symbol of power, and sailed across the sea to Mossflower. Gulo followed after him with his horde of white foxes and ermine, intent of killing his brother and taking back the Stone.

When Gulo got to Mossflower Woods, he went on a rampage, destroying, murdering, and eating anyone and anything he came across in search of his brother, who, unknown to him, had already died and hidden the Walking Stone. Gulo eventually came to Redwall Abbey, where he believed Askor was hiding, and demanded that they turn over the Walking Stone. Redwall's current warrior, a squirrel named Rakkety Tam, challenged Gulo to a duel, which the wolverine thought would be an easy victory. The battle was fierce, but Gulo was defeated when he leaped on Tam and the squirrel shoved him upward with all four paws, sending the wolverine hurtling over him. Gulo's neck landed on the sharpened edge of Tam's shield, which had stuck in the ground previously in the battle, and was decapitated.


  • Like many main villains in the Redwall series, Gulo was insane, but unlike most, he relied on his pure brute strength and power instead of his wits. He was also a cannibal, eating anything that moved.
  • Gulo's name comes from the scientific name for the wolverine, Gulo Gulo which means "glutton".


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