Now, Reflux is my champion, and no Knaaren has ever beaten him. Do you really believe that a limbless little runt has a chance against him? No, but really, I'm sure your friend will shine in the arena...when Reflux is burning his corpse! Let the combat begin!
~ Gumsi talking to Globox about Rayman's fate
Gumsi, the child-king of the Knaaren, is proof one doesn't have to be fully-grown to be a tyrant. But even a king can make horrible decisions, and when Gumsi does, he summons the Night God Leptys to lay down the law.
~ Definition from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Gumsi is a villain in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. He is the Knaaren king, although he is actually just a child. Despite his age and small height, he has noticeable respect of other Knaarens. He talks in a shrill voice and easily gets angry. Unlike typical Knaarens, he doesn't wear a hood, but a crown. As the holder of the Sceptre of the Leptys, he can invoke Leptys, the Knaaren's bird-like god. He usually sits on a throne that is located in an arena.


After entering the Knaaren tunnels, Globox is immediately captured by Knaarens and ends up in the cage next to Gumsi's throne. Globox's friend Rayman is captured shortly after that and is brought in front of Gumsi who forces him to fight his most powerful Knaaren fighter, Reflux. When Rayman defeats him, Gumsi gains respect for Rayman and taunts Reflux in front of all Knaarens. To reward Rayman, Gumsi invokes Leptys with his sceptre. Leptys then gives Rayman a power that allows him to turn Black Lums into Red ones.

Later, Rayman and Globox reach some Teensie doctors who are finally able to remove André from Globox’s stomach, but André escapes before Rayman can use his new power on him. André finds ashamed Reflux and the two form an alliance to get revenge on Rayman. On André's advice, Reflux steals the sceptre from his king Gumsi to invoke Leptys by himself.

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