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13 years ago... There was a time when people the world over tried to make a living using guns to kill devils. During that time, incidents and internal rebellions fueled by guns increased. And every country's media actively featured guns. And right around the time when guns started being even more feared around the world. A large terror attack using guns happened in America.
~ Makima's story about Gun Devil.

The Gun Devil is a major antagonist of the Chainsaw Man series. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the Public Safety Saga, specifically the titular main antagonist of the Gun Devil Arc.

Initially set up as the primary antagonist of the manga due to the massive amount of casualties the devil had caused when he appeared 13 years ago and Denji was tasked by Makima to collect all of the fragments of the Gun Devil while also believed that some of his followers like Akane Sawatari and Reze were tasked to obtain Denji's heart under the Gun Devil's name, it was revealed that the Gun Devil himself was already defeated and confined in a conscious state with his fragments being possessed by other devils and superpower countries.


As he made his first appearance in Chapter 75, the Gun Devil himself can be described as an enormous devil that has a gun-like head and an arms that forms like a sniper rifle. His body can be also described as a skeletal one with screaming faces forms as an outfit to cover his skeletal body. He also has several gun bullets that acts like it's tentacles. By the time it possessed one of Denji's companions, Aki Hayakawa, Aki himself has his hair getting tied on top of his head with a black business suit in order to show his nature as a Devil Hunter with a stark difference being Aki himself has a gun head protruding from his forehead.


Not much is known about the Gun Devil but it is stated that he is the devil obsessed on obtaining Denji's heart and sent his followers to finish the job while also seemingly ordering the massacre towards the Devil Hunter. However, by the time it makes his appearance, it was revealed to be nothing but a force of nature who becomes a former shell of himself and ended up being tied in a contract with the American President in order to defeat the real evil that has plaguing the world in the history of mankind, Makima. And to that end, the Gun Devil ended up having no choice but commit a huge massacre in order to defeat Makima once and for all. By the time he possessed Aki, the latter then ended up having his mind becoming warped and was reduced into a former shell of himself, reminiscing about his childhood that he desperatly wants to come back into to no avail as his family was killed during the massacre of the Gun Devil.


Mentioned first time in Chapter 12 by Makima, she then tells the story towards Denji about the history of the Gun Devil that appeared 13 years ago in America as this was the same time where people uses guns to kill devils which resulted on incidents and internal rebellions fueled by gun increased and because guns becoming feared around the world, a large terror attack using guns happened in America which resulted on the Gun Devil appeared and committing a horrific mass murder which culminates the casualties to be estimated around 1.2 million people in a span of 5 minutes with Aki and the Three Brothers family being the victim of the casualties caused by the Gun Devil.

After telling the story, it was revealed that Denji will be given a huge reward by Makima if he succeeded in the mission on collecting the fragments of the Gun Devil so that the Devil Hunter could trace their whereabouts by finding several of the Gun Devil fragments possessed by the Devil. Throughout the story, the Gun Devil was seemingly designed as the real main threat as he sends his followers by the likes of Reze and Akane in order to obtain Denji's heart while also revealed that he ordered the massacre towards the members of the Devil Hunter organization including Makima herself.

However, as the story reaches Chapter 73, it was revealed that the Gun Devil himself was already confined much to Aki and Denji's surprise after appearing in Soviet Union and was in an unconscious state with 20% of his fragment possessed by America, 28% by Soviets, 11% by China, 4% by other countries and 37% were possessed by other devils while also revealing that the Gun Devil followers that were killing Aki's companions were using the guns made by men despite manufacturing guns are strictly controlled by the International Law.

At the same time however, every government in every country manages to use the loopholes that the International Law had by circulating guns by having them manufactured and also trafficking them in secret under the pretense they made a contract with the gun devil. As a result, Makima decides to go an all out war towards other countries by taking all of the fragments of the gun devil that they had possessed so that she will keep all of the fragments for Japanese government in order to get the upper advantage towards other countries as the fear of the Gun Devil will also make the Gun Devil stronger.

When the Gun Devil appeared in Chapter 75, it was revealed that the American President made a contract with the Gun Devil in order to kill Makima to liberate themselves and the other countries from her grasp which in exchange, also resulting the President sacrificing the one year of the life spans of the American people. When the Gun Devil attempts to kill Makima, it was revealed that the latter goaded it to do so which resulted on the city of Nikaho in Akita prefecture including it's citizens being brutally decimated by the Gun Devil and also resulted in Aki's death. However, at the same time, using her ultimate powers, the Gun Devil was eventually defeated as Makima summoned several devils from the former devil hunters to defeat him.

By the time the Gun Devil was defeated, it was revealed that he then possesses Aki's corpse as Makima warns Denji about what's going to happen in their apartment. Initially ignoring Makima's warnings about Aki ringing the doorbell of the apartment due to him suspecting it was a prank by Makima, Denji ended up encountering the possessed Aki whose mind become warped by the Gun Devil as he ended up reminiscing about his childhood days by having a snowball fight towards the child version of Denji and Power, reflecting his childhood days about having a snowball fight with his brother before meeting his impending doom by the Gun Devil.

This resulted on severe collateral damage and innocents being killed while Denji was fatally wounded. However, Denji himself was given several blood by the civilians in hopes he can rescue them and this also resulted on him having no choice but to kill Aki in the end who still reminiscing about his childhood. After his death, it was revealed that Aki saved a lot of money so that Denji and Power survive in later future while also giving his money to the families of his dead companions. At the same time, it was also revealed that Denji also feels some kind of guilt because how he killed Aki in the end.