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The Gunman is the primary antagonist of the episode 1033 Officer Down of the 1989 TV Series Rescue 911 He is a Unknown Shooter that wanted to kill the police for an unknown reason. He was one of the 3 males involved in a fist fight.


The Gunman is a blond male wearing a grey jacket, he wears a blue shirt with blue jeans and black shoes.


After Officer Mike sees 3 males chasing each other Mike Calls Officer Weber to back him up. Mike then proceeds to brake up the fight between the two then yelling for the Gunman to stop form running after the gunman gets away Mike ask the males what is going on Weber shows up soon after to assist mike.

But Weber soon notices that the man is coming back with a rifle and begins to open fire on the two officers. Mike and Weber then tell the suspect to put his weapon down but to no avail. Soon after the Gunman Shoots Weber in the neck. not killing him but just injuring him. Mike then shoots the Gunmen in the leg. allowing Mike to Help Weber. The Gunmen then tries to get up in a sitting position to open fire again.

Mike then grabs his Rifle but cant do it due to his other hand on Weber's neck trying to stop the bleeding The Two other men help out. Mike then yells one last warning to the suspect. The other male then tells Mike that's friend but tells him to back off. Mike yells one last warning to the Gunmen to put his gun down but the Gunmen refuses to. Mike then shoots the Gunmen again before he can shoot back. Injuring the suspect severely. allowing Mike to arrest the suspect. Its unknown what happened to him after. its presumed that he was either arrested for his crimes. or died form his wounds.