What the heck's going on?! That's not a toy!
~ final words before death

The Gunman Mask is the ninth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Shin Aomori who later voiced a Windmill Mask, a Glasses Mask, Devil Sphinx, Tentacles Lay Priest, a Cobra Monster, a Notch Tooth Monster, a Curse Monster and Barrugin.


The Gunman Mask made his first appearance as he used his own arsenal as he open fires on the bottles destroying them in the process. After that he'd hitch a ride on a horse and rode off to his destination until he spots a vehicle in driving down the road so with that said the Gunman Mask chased after it. He manage to stop the vehicle in its tracks and opens fire on the Eagle Soldiers as the Zolders raid the vehicle of its money. A while later the Gunman Mask and his Zolders robbed the Shiba Shinkin Bank of its money. After that the whole crew left the area to robbed more places of its cash.

A while later he was outside a building as he notice a wanted poster with a bounty that's about 80,000,000 yens which makes him very famous. So he took the poster and ripped it up as he arrived at the Sougo Bank ready to robbed it of its cash, but this time instead of going through the front door they went around the backside and then Gunman Mask creates a huge hole allowing the Zolders to use the rope and yank the safe out of the bank. However it was then stopped by the arrival of the Gorengers leaving the Gunman Mask no other choice but to battle the team. However the Gorengers has successfully defend the safe leaving the Gunman Mask no other choice, but to retreat not for long Momo sends a tracker to find the Black Cross' hideout with the Gorenger following the Masked Monster via Varidreen.

A while later he met Mr. X as he was about to pay off the suffocation bomb with the cash that the Gunman Mask stole, but he eventually catches on after they discover the Suffocation Bomb plot and shoots them away. A while later he was at HQ as he used an abacus to calculate how many cash that he stole which is about 9.9 billion yens and with the added money that the Black Cross has in its safe which is about 30.1 billion yens making a total of 40 billion yens. So they need at least 10 billion more yen left they want to get the bomb.

Seeing the need that Gunman Mask had for the money, the Gorengers set up a trap for him: creating a special counterfeiting machine, they set it up in an EAGLE truck with the machine as well as Varitank, Shinmei and Peggy inside. Gunman Mask takes the bait and attacks the truck, shooting down the EAGLE guards (who all survived wearing bulletproof vests) and then taking it to a location to print out all the money, without realizing the Gorengers were making the money for him.

A while later when the Gunman Mask goes forth to make a purchase on those suffocation bombs. Peggy hide herself as one of the Zolders in order to make sure it goes well but nearly becomes captured to be part of an army of EAGLE soldiers that the bombs were to be tested on. However before the deal is completed, the money transforms into "Gorenger money" that shows the deception to all. Before Mr. X can take back the bombs, Gunman Mask kills him and his men to try and steal it for the Black Cross. The Gorenger confront him, with Shimei shooting several Ultra Blue Cherry's into his muzzle to block him from shooting. After running out of bullets the Gunman Mask was then destroyed by this finisher called Gorenger Hurricane as it transformed into a golden gun which shoots a bullet right at the monster's mouth thus eliminating him.


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