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Guns is the main antagonist of the amateur Vimeo short film Freedom Reigns. He is the arch nemesis of Arnold Freedom and an evil agent.

In the film

The Fake Guns

He was first seen walking in Arnold Freedom's office with one his henchmen. After his henchmen gets defeated, Guns walks towards the chair Arnold Freedom was sitting on, pull out from under the table, And an argument about the death of Guns' father insues. Then he angrily punches Freedom in the face.

However, all of that was revealed to just be the making of a movie. Arnold Freedom turns out to be an actor named Steven and Guns turns out to be an actor named Wilson, whose name is never mentioned in the film. Steven is angry and yells at Wilson for not being good at fake-punching. He also gets mad at Cameron for being on his iPhone while filming and Mikey for supposedly having the boom microphone being shown in a shot. Steven then walks out the room in a frustrated manner.

The Real Guns

During the climax, Guns makes his true appearance with his two henchmen. While his henchmen hold Steven and Agent Woolfe hostage, he starts to intimidate the two protagonists. Steven then tries to calm down Agent Woolfe by telling her that he will not do anything wrong. However, Guns, who seemingly took offense to what Steven says, yells at him and sadisticly kills Agent Woolfe by throttling her. After Steven's shock over her death, Guns starts to put down Steven like a bully. However, Steven then becomes Arnold Freedom and starts making a speech about the ideal of freedom and then punches Guns in the face, which knocks him out cold. As he lies down the floor unconscious, his reformed henchmen salute Arnold Freedom as he leaves the room with sunglasses on.


In Steven's first draft of his film, Guns wanted revenge for the death of his father. However, when he eventually meets Steven and Agent Woolfe, he said nothing about his father.


Guns wears a tuxedo, a tie, long pants, a hat, and a watch on his wrist.


  • He is the only villain of the film to not get reformed like his henchmen did.
  • He is the evil alternative form of Wilson. Speaking of which, Wilson is the only character whose name never gets uttered by any of the characters.
  • He is the only villain to not have sunglasses and overall one of the many characters to not have sunglasses.
  • He is symbolism for the negative use of firearms.

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