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The Gunslingers are the main protagonists/antagonists of the flash game GunBlood. They are the gunslingers who want to kill each other.


In their game, GunBlood, the player chooses a gunslinger. Later, the player meets nine gunslingers and tries to kill them and becomes to most feared gunslinger in the world. The gunslingers will be tough when the level is get higher. For example: the fifth gunslinger is stronger than the second gunslinger.

Before the duel starts, the player's cursor has to wait three seconds in a chamber. After the starting of the duel, both gunslinger have a health bar and if the health bar reaches zero, the gunslinger will die.

The healthbar's decreasing dependent on the damage. If the gunslinger gets shot in the head, the healthbar will decrease instantly hundred-to-zero and this causes the gunslinger's death. However, if the gunslinger gets shot on the foot or under of the knee, they won't get damage from this. When the gunslinger gets shot on the other body parts, their healthbar will decrease on half or quarter.


There are four cheat codes in the game that makes the gunslinger stronger. The player can use these cheat codes, however, when they finish the game, they will be executed.

  • NOHIT: This cheat code makes the player invincible.
  • MOREAMMO: With this cheat code, the player will have a gun with infinite ammo.
  • FASTFIRE: This cheat code makes the player faster. The gunslinger can shoot very fast at the gunslingers with this cheat code.
  • POINTER: When this cheat code is activated, the player's gun will have a laser pointer.

Also, there are other cheat codes that warps to the level like LEVEL1, LEVEL2, BONUS1 etc.


All gunslingers have a cowboy hat and cowboy clothes and boats. They handle a revolver. Some of them have a bandana, a mask and a glasses.


  • There are eight male and two female gunslingers.