The Gunsmith was a character and secret antagonist in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

He is a Gunsmith and shop keep Of his own gun shop. In a secret encounter, it is revealed he had kidnapped a teen and made him pretend to be his son.


In Game

In the natural game, the Gunsmith is like other gunsmith shopkeepers. The player goes to his shop to customize, clean, and buy guns and ammunition.

Secret Encounter

While passing through the side of the shop, the player can see a teen looking through a barred window. He tells the player that gunsmith has kidnapped him. The player then has the choice to hold the gunsmith at gun point and demand he opens the door to the basement. He does so, but tells the player that he has nothing to hide. He says his son is sleeping in the basement. However, the teen is chained to the bed and wearing a sailor suit. He says that the Gunsmith had kidnapped him and put him in the costume, thinking the teen was his son. The player can shoot the chain and set the teen free.

The Gunsmith then apologizes for his actions and gives an explanation. He said that he once took his son out to the river to practice shooting a rifle. However, the kickback blew him back into the river. The Gunsmith couldn’t find his son, even after searching for days. He saw the teen and thought he looked like his son. Overwhelmed by grief, he kidnapped the teen. He took out his son’s drawing and broke out in tears. The player is allowed to loot the basement.


  • Not the only shopkeeper with a secret room
  • Not truly evil
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