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No need for that, Mr. Clark. Due to time, hell will come to us.
~ Gunther, before beheading Wendel Clark

Gunther is a minor villain of TV show Sleepy Hollow.


Gunther is a member of the Shadow Warriors. He was under the disguise and was first introduced as teaching a child how to play the piano. He got a call from one of the members who told him to hunt down Jenny Mills. He then tracked down Wendel Clark, a known friend of Jenny, at his bar. After he refused to reveal any information, Gunther, Armin, and Hagen then tortured and killed Clark leaving his decapitated head on the pool table.

They eventually tracked Jenny to Trout Lake to find the sextant map that led to The Lesser Key of Solomon. After a shootout in the cabin, Armin and Hagen escaped with the sextant map while Gunther was captured by Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod. After revealing they were seeking the Lesser Key of Solomon and admitting that there were many more Hessians, too many even he doesn't know, Gunther bit down on a cyanide pill, saying in German, "Moloch shall rise!" and killing himself. 


  • He is portrayed by the Danish actor Carsten Norgaard.
  • He is the first character to ever mention Moloch's name.
  • His Shadow Warrior tattoo is on the left side of his chest.
  • He is one of the first characters to willingly commit suicide.


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