You shall entertain me!
~ Gunner Wall

The Gunwalls are recurring bosses from the Gradius series. These are large fortified walls built inside the Bacterian fortresses, serving as a last line of defense and to stall the player. Similarly to the Core Warships, they are powered up by various cores, which are protected by a series of barriers, and the only way to destroy them is by destroying the cores. They are armed with various gun turrets and can also release Duckers to aid them. They are usually stationary, sometimes having a limited mobility.


The very first gunwall, and also the most simple, Demos has a single large core, two hatches to send Duckers, and a total of eight gun turrets which aim at the player. It has a lot of safe spots, including right in front of it, making it very easy to defeat it.
Disrupt has three cores, eight gun turrets and four hatches. The side hatches dispense the Duckers, while the two frontal ones send flying enemies. It can also move the floor and ceiling of the room, limiting the player's movement.
The Gunner Wall, much like Demos, has only a single core, with two hatches and four gun turrets. It can use its lasers to trap the player and move forward to ram into the player.
Cliff Core has five cores, two hatches and four gun turrets. It is aided by torches on the floor and ceiling that follow the player. This, when coupled with the rapid-firing lasers, make this boss very tough.
Bloody Gate has two cores, two hatches and four gun turrets. Its gun turrets can be destroyed, but they regenerate after a while. Like Disrupt, it can move the floor and ceiling.
Probably the toughest Gunwall, Keeper's Core has three cores and six gun turrets. It has no hatches, instead having three laser cannons in front of the cores, which must be destroyed before you can take on the cores. It will create gravity waves at the floor and ceiling, while firing lasers. After the laser cannons are destroyed, it will start moving back and forth to ram at the player while firing from its gun turrets.
Enigma is composed of three parts: the wall itself, a core in the middle, and a smaller core behind him. The wall has four cores and five gun turrets. It continually rams into the player while shooting. After the four cores are destroyed, it will reveal the fifth central core, which must be destroyed before going to the last core on the back.
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