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Gupta is a supporting antagonist in Ice Age: Continental Drift. He is a Bengali badger, a crew member of Captain Gutt and the flag of the ship. He is extremely useful as a flag and fellow pirate.

He was voiced by Kunal Nayyar.


He has remained on the flag while holding on with his teeth and claws to show the pirate symbol on his back, hardly ever fights and has constantly been used as a flag. In some point in the movie, he helps his allies against the Sub-Zero Heroes and is more fearless than Squint.


He shown to be crude, cocky and a bit taller than Squint, only fight when he knows his crewmates will win and thinks he's as tough as Raz. When scared, showing his white underbelly too early.



  • In Scrat's Crack Up part 2, seen holding on a tree pole and displaying the pirate symbol.
  • He is good at playing bones like flutes.


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