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Gurjev is the main antagonist of Mechanical Violator Hakaider, an action movie based on the Kikaider franchise, as well as its spin-off manga series.

He is the angel-like dictator of Jesus Town, a supposed utopia in the near future whose citizens have had their free will removed to make them his perfect servants. He is also the original creator of Hakaider, whom he disposed of after Hakaider developed his own free will.

He was portrayed by Yasuyuki Honda. In the video game sequel Last Judgment, where he returns as Blue Hakaider, he was voiced by Shin'ichirō Miki, who also voiced Kojiro/James in the Pokemon anime.


While his origins are not stated in the film, in the manga it is specified that Gurjev was once a DARK scientist and follower of Professor Gill who pursued his own ambitions to build a utopia. He at some point constructed Hakaider, but when Hakaider developed his own free will Gurjev, believing him to be little more than a killing machine, ordered him to be disposed of. However, a group of Gurjev's scientists rebelled against him and made off with Hakaider. Though the scientists were later killed by Gurjev's security forces, Gurjev and his men were unable to locate where they had put Hakaider.

Gurjev later constructed a successor to Hakaider in Michael (or, seemingly, found and reprogrammed Kikaider to enforce his twisted sense of justice) who unlike Hakaider was fully loyal to him. By this point Gurjev had succeeded in completing his vision for a utopia in "Jesus Town", a settlement built over what was once Jerusalem, where all citizens had to abide by Gurjev's rigid laws and any violators were punished by either having chips implanted in their minds that brainwash them to an infantile-like state or simply executed.

When Hakaider returned after being discovered by some burglars and broke into Jesus Town, Gurjev wasted no time in sending his security forces to eliminate the rogue android. Hakaider fought his way through Gurjev's men and later joined up with a resistance led by a woman named Kaoru that sought to liberate the people of Jesus Town from Gurjev's tyrannical rule. However, Gurjev's forces were soon able to locate the resistance hideout and massacred all of the resistance fighters except for Kaoru, as well as seemingly destroying Hakaider. However, Hakaider managed to survive and later met up with Kaoru again. After Kaoru passed away from the wounds she had received from Michael, Hakaider went to the Jesus Town parliament to finally confront Gurjev and end his reign of terror.

Gurjev quickly took notice of Hakaider's assault and sent all of his security forces to stop him, but the android fought his way through before reaching Gurjev's office. There, he was confronted by Michael and the two androids fought. While Michael initially beat Hakaider down, Hakaider was able to catch him off guard with one of his wrist cannons and blow off his arm before decapitating him. It was then that Gurjev himself arrived and revived Michael as the Michael Tank before sending him to destroy Hakaider. The Michael Tank brutally beat down Hakaider, but Hakaider was able to overcome and destroy it with his chest cannons, blowing off Michael's head again.

Hakaider then turned to Gurjev himself. Gurjev attempted to bargain with Hakaider, promising to make him stronger than he was before, but Hakaider ignored Gurjev's words and continued to walk towards him. Seeing that there was no way to escape, a shaken Gurjev chose to accept his fate at being killed by Hakaider, only for Hakaider to deem him not worth killing and turn away. As Hakaider had his back turned however, Gurjev pulled out a pistol and attempted to shoot Hakaider, but Hakaider dodged the blast and jammed his hand into Gurjev's heart, killing him.


While appearing seemingly benevolent at first, beneath his talk of "peace and justice" Gurjev is simply a tyrant committed to creating a world without free will where everyone bows before him. While he on some level seems to care for his people, referring to them as his "children", he thinks nothing of executing them or removing their free will, seeing it as necessary to enforce his vision of an ideal utopia. He also has a clear god complex, viewing himself as the savior of Jesus Town and having his words broadcast all throughout Jesus Town to maintain his presence in each of his citizens' minds. To further this image, Gurjev styles himself a holy being, wearing an outfit that makes him resemble a seraphim and employing an android which he named after the Archangel Michael to do his dirty work.


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