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Gus Grav is a major antagonist turned supporting protagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. He is the Vexos' Subterra Brawler and Spectra Phantom's right-hand man.


Gus wears a orange coat and a black shirt underneath.


Despite being a member of the Vexos, Gus harbors lots of loyalty towards his master, believing he must be respected at all costs. He also has no tolerance for traitors, has no patience for those who annoy him, and gets along with his Bakugan Vulcan.



Gus used to be a brawler fighting on his own, and one that was a force to be reckoned with. In a tournament in Alpha City one day, however, he fought with and lost against Spectra Phantom and his Helios After this fight, Spectra asked him to join his forces and help improve the world's state, which Gus agreed.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Gus first appears with the other Vexos watching as the Bakugan get captured. Later, he is seen with the Vexos talking to Prince Hydron about the powerful Drago.

Gus later calls the Vexos to a meeting to tell them they have all failed. This angers Shadow Prove, who calls Gus a freak. After lots of arguing, Spectra lets Gus go to fight the Resistance. He meets Dan Kuso in the desert and asks him what he will gain by saving the Bakugan, and after insulting his status as a amateur, he leaves, reporting to Spectra and how Dan is such a child. Gus later confronts Dan again, revealing himself as a member of the Vexos and challenges him to a brawl. Dan struggles to beat Vulcan, thus causing him to lose the fight. Spectra congratulates Gus on his victory, much to the other's jealousy. Despite this, Hydron remains unhappy due to not having Drago, so Gus deicides to battle Dan again to get Drago and make Spectra proud.

Later, Gus sends a message to Dan via hologram, challenging him to a rematch. The Bee leads Dan to Gus, where they fight. Vulcan beats Drago in the first round and Dan pays him back in the next round by having Scorpio and Drago battle Vulcan together. Before the third round starts, Spectra joins the battle, as he wants to see Drago's powers, uings his Hyper Dragonoid to assist Gus in fighting Dan. Vulcan stops Drago's ability to beat Hyper Dragnoid, but Shun assists Dan in his victory.

Gus later appeared with the Vexos as superstars in Alpha City, known as the Relentless Gus. After the show was over, Gus asked the guards if there was anything to report, with them reporting members of the Resistance sneaking backstage.

Some time after, Gus Grav joins Spectra in talking to Professor Clay about the cards coming from the human world, which was due to Runo's actions. The three later hear Runo's voice and decide to investigate. While Shadow fights Marucho, Gus and Spectra hide near a rock, with Spectra telling that Gus doesn't need to head through the portal, but Gus insists otherwise. As Spectra and Gus approach it, Lync Volan blocks the portal, reminding them that Prince Hydron had not given his consent for them to leave. Gus and Spectra ignore him, however, and go through it regardless.

When the three Vexos arrive on Earth, Spectra kidnaps Runo after a talk. While the Brawlers pursue Spectra, Gus overhears Lync talking ill on Spectra and confronts him. After an argument, Gus challenges Lync to a fight, but before they can, Barron and Mira interrupt, asking where Spectra is. Due to this, Gus runs away causing Mira to chase him until he reaches his master. He tells Dan how Hydron is the main foe they are after and if the Resistance took down Hydron, they could end his rule. Gus also says Spectra and him only want the Resistance to join them so Spectra could overthrow Hydron and take over New Vestroia with Gus at his side. Alice arrives using the card formerly belonging to Masquerade and takes the two back to the lab where they get sent to New Vestroia.

Gus and Spectra return to Earth by tracking Dan's gauntlet to the amusement park. They catch the attention of humans and are discovered by Mira and Juile. When the girls catch up to them, Mira challenges Spectra to a fight, which Spectra accepts, letting Gus fight for him. During the fight, Gus originally has the upper hand through his strategies and his Hexados, but Mira eventually wins. Spectra reveal himself due to this failure, even with Gus' warnings.

Gus is later shown to be living in a warehouse with Spectra. He comes in one day telling Spectra about the advent of juice boxes on Earth, only to find him missing. When his master returns, Gus shows worry, but Spectra shuts him up. Gus then tells Spectra why they need the Resistance to join them when he's as good a fighter as all of them, except Dan. Spectra tells him it's their Bakugan they need, mainly Drago, and decides to battle Dan for it. Before Dan and Spectra's battle, Gus begs his master to help him fight him, but Spectra says it's his fight alone and he will come out victorious which he does in the end.

After getting Drago, Gus tells Spectra that their plan to take over New Vestroia will soon come to be. He gets shocked when Dan, Mira, Runo Juile, and Barron enter the warehouse, demanding Spectra face Dan. Gus taunts the hero, saying he won't be able to beat Spectra and win back Drago, but is proven wrong.

Gus and Spectra then plan on heading back to New Vestroia, with the latter deicing to bring Lync alongside him. Lync meets the two near Wardintion where Gus demands that he show Spectra respect. He traps Dan and the Brawlers (minus Mira) in a cage and she leaves with the three Vexos after revealing she is Spectra's sister.

When they return to New Vestroia, Gus taunts the others on how they used Apollonir to get back, although Volt Luster doesn't believe him. He then watches Shadow and Mylene Farrow battle Barron and Dan. He gets impressed when Hades takes out Nemus, but after Mylene loses, she blames Spectra for freeing Shun, Ace, and Marucho, but Gus defends his master, saying she lost and not him. Gus later tells Mira to have dinner with Spectra and watches their conversation by the door. After Spectra leaves, Gus shows concern, telling him that it wasn't smart to let Mira know their plan. However, Spectra says that Mira will come around to help them and tells Gus to trust his judgement.

The day after Mira becomes a member of the Vexos and after losing to Spectra, Gus and Spectra show Lync and Mira trap Bakugan that are ruthlessly obedient to Spectra. Spectra tells him and Mira to use the traps to battle Ace and Dan bringing there bakugans data. Gus is unsure but Spectra tells him it is worth it. Once the brawlers get to Gamma City, Dan, and Aceface off against Gus and Mira, who use the trap Mechnal Bakugan to give Dan and Ace a hard time. However, Mira loses on purpose and allows Dan to overpower Gus. Gus reports the loss to Spectra, who has plans of his own for Mira.

While Spectra battles Dan outside Gamma City, Gus overhears Volt, Mylene, and Shadow planning on betraying Spectra and taking Professor Clay with them. Gus goes to Lync, having him go to Spectra for him beliving he is still on their side. However, Lync double-crosses him, knocking him out and locking him up in a room. Gus escapes and uses Vulcan to find Spectra before Vestial's palace explodes. He finds Elico and Brontes, who were thrown out by Melene. Gus than saves Spectra from being killed in the palace and lets him know that Mylene was going to blame everything on him.

A few months later, Spectra and Gus use Chaos Ability X on Vulcan, Brontes, and Elico, causing them to evolve into stronger versions of themselves while Helios also evolvs. Gus lets Spectra know that the brawlers will be heading to Vestroia, so Spectra and Gus arrive right before Dan and Volt's fight. While Spectra confronts Dan, Gus tells Volt that he changed Brontes into a solder of his, much to Volt's anger. After Spectra loses to Dan, Mira, and Marucho, he and his master leave, but Gus later sets up a brodcast for Spectra to appear ontv and lie about his intenstions. After that, Gus is shown telling Spectra that the report was a sucess.

Gus later reports to Spectra on how Brontes is growing stronger and will soon be a loyal solder in his army. Volt later calls him, demanding a battle to get Bronies back, which Gus excepts. Spectra says that Volt may betray the Vexos if he wants Brontes badly enough, but the two still meet up on a empty planet and battle.


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