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Gustav is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost, being the main antagonist for the Dream Under the Big Top campaign.


Gustav is a morbidly obese man with a mustache and a hairstyle that resembles that of a wig worn by judges. He wears a dark blue coat, a dark orange buttoned shirt with a white one underneath, white gloves, and dark grey pants.


Gustav first appears claiming that Annelie was the one who placed herself in his path. When Fritz asks why he has come, Gustav claims that he was observing his rival. He also says that he heard about Annelie’s troupe being waylaid by blackguards while trailing the mountain. Euden quickly deduces that Gustav was responsible for the thieves’ attack earlier, Gustav then considers Euden a potential addition and that his participation was nearly imperiled by Annelie’s former troupe members being poached.

Gustav then plans to implement fiend taming, claiming it will be an impressive thrill compared to the dragon business, which Euden points out that the former is a dangerous affair, which proved to be the case when the fiends got out of control and a number of them escaped the tent. This leads to Gustav abandoning his guests much to the fury of Fritz who ordered an evacuation while the fiends are being slain. It also leads to Annelie’s former performers returning to their former superior.


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